It was an excellent day for a hike

Yesterday was a beautiful morning as we set out to do some hiking with family at Tom’s Thumb Trail in Scottsdale, Arizona. When we arrived at the trail we all got out and took a nice stretch, we filled our water bottles from our overstocked cooler in the back of our Mini Cooper. After filling our bottles we began our walk up to the entrance, from this point we had many options to choose from, left, right, or straight. We decided that since everyone was going straight (which was Tom’s Thumb Trail) that we would go left which was Marcus Landslide Trail, either way, we were hiking together as a family. The trail that we took we only walked it for about two miles since we all had other plans back at the house to meet up with other relatives that were still in route.

On the trail, it was a beautiful experience, cactus of all types were all over the place followed by rock formations of all sizes and shapes. I don’t think I can describe the view and feeling of being there in the right words to express the beauty we witnessed while hiking through this amazing trail. During this hiking escapade, we enjoyed the sights along with irreplaceable time together as a family while capturing some epic photos, what a day that we will never forget. In total, we hiked 4.8 miles, enjoyed some laughter while at the same time some of us were pocked by jumping cactus, an epic day and it wasn’t even lunch time yet.

After our family hiking adventure at Marcus Landslide Trail (left of Tom’s Thumb Trail), we headed back to get cleaned up and enjoy some snacks with the rest of the family. Jokes and outdoor games took place while we all snacked on the many goodies spread out on the tables. The night was chill and filled with laughter as we all enjoyed the company of one another as the clock hands continued to move. As the night was ending we decided that some of the family members that hadn’t arrived early enough to hike with us should all get together this morning to go on another hiking journey. We’re thinking to maybe go up into the Fountain Hills area and hike the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead, this is a trail that I hadn’t been on at all; I’m sure this will be an epic hiking adventure too.

The night had ended and it was time to get back to our home so that we could get some cooking done for the Thanksgiving Dinner tonight. We made a big Green Bean Casserole and some Pineapple – Cranberry Jello, this was a first-time experience however we accomplished it. Our dog was happy for us to be home as she watched us cook and clean up so fast which lead to passing out in a hurry so that we could wake once again at 2am.

Well, now we’re all caught up and the coffee is in hand. The day has started and we’re preparing for our up and coming hike in the early hours and to end up enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with our family. We hope that you and your family have an epic and safe Thanksgiving Holiday from all of us here; thanks for reading.


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