Thanksgiving was Epic, to say the least, and we’re still celebrating

Last year on Thanksgiving, Annika and I went to Flagstaff to celebrate our Anniversary early and while we were there we did a bit of snowboarding while still taking the time to visit Bedrock City and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This year we had over 20 family members visit at once to play backyard games, go hiking and biking, and end the night in tears of laughter; this Thanksgiving certainly wins for being at the tops of them all. There was so much food last night, 2 turkeys, a ham or two, 7 pies; oh my god we were all so full and in a food coma for hours afterward.

When we woke yesterday to get things ready before we had finally passed out the night before we made a few dishes for the dinner so our morning was kicked off with a lot less to do. We did our normal routine with a bit of extra cleanup while we got everything ready we could before heading out to go hiking at the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead in Scottsdale. It was getting closer to the time to meet up and at the last minute our schedule got modified and we weren’t able to go on the hiking part of the adventure. We had also aimed to try to take our bikes out for a bit of adventure cycling but work got in the way a little so we’re holding it off until Monday. No matter what we didn’t make it out to the trail, our family members did and they had a lot of fun on their 5 mile adventure hiking the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead.

We made it over to the dinner and started helping with food preparation when it wasn’t too crowded. So many people in one spot however it just felt perfect to see see a few tables filled with laughter and multiple games going on. We played latter ball, cornhole, and Bacce while the table games were “Hell” and “Left/Right/Center”; you could hardly hear yourself think from all of the laughing and jokes. This was certainly a Thanksgiving Dinner that wouldn’t be forgotten, and for sure one of my favorites of all time.

Now here we are waking for yet another day into our our family Thanksgiving week which doesn’t end till Sunday night. We’re currently working on our normal morning routine after getting in late, and we can feel the muscle pains from all the hiking and just walking in general. Our dog is having her special prescription breakfast with a hint of goodies from grandma. The plan today looks like after our normal day of work, we will head over to meet the family again for some more outside games, a bit more cards and a lot of leftovers.

South Rim | Grand Canyon | MattyAndAnnika

Monday morning Annika have a plan to go off Adventure Cycling up into the Pinnacle Peak area and back. We’re aiming to ride anywhere between 30-50 miles to get our week kicked off after the huge meals from all of the Thanksgiving foods. We have decided that we loved going out hiking and want to have a day a week that we find a trail and just go out on an adventure as just a part of our routine. We’ve still got a few days to spend with family and until then our focus is on them so whatever the day brings I’m certain it will be awesome. Well, that’s enough for now as we have a lot to do to get ready for the afternoon. We hope that everyone has or had an awesome Thanksgiving and we look forward to sharing more of this adventure tomorrow.

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