Time to get some bike riding in

Yesterday was an awesome family get together, again. It was photo day, a day where the whole family got together for hours to get photos of everyone together; even individual family shots. After the photo sessions, we all kicked back to spend more time with each other over some awesome gumbo and more family game time. Everyone was beyond tired so the night was cut short so we were able to get back in time to get 5 hours of sleep before today began for us.

McDowell Mountain Reserve | Mountain Biking | MattyAndAnnika
McDowell Mountain Reserve | Mountain Biking | MattyAndAnnika

1:30am wake up, yup another schedule change but we’re getting used to it. Between the clock changing wake up times and my aching shoulder being out of whack, we’re very much sleep deprived but the time with family and the fun time itself is totally worth it.

Today it’s time to get on my bike for a bit and to try and work out some of these muscle pains from the hike, and on the note of hiking, we certainly plan from here on out to hike at least one day a week. Jeff and I are doing a little ride, maybe 25-30 miles to stretch our legs, I’ll try to take some pictures while we’re out. Our bike ride starts at 7:30am and we don’t really know where we’re riding to, it’s just a simple ride with a good friend.

24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life

We have a lot going on over the next few weeks, for example, we’re doing the 24-hour stream on December 15th, 2018 which starts at 6am MST. The stream is sponsored by Bike Barn of Phoenix and I’ll be seeing how many miles that I can do within the 24 hour time period on my indoor trainer through Zwift. Now I’m not doing a race or going to push super hard to get as many miles as I can, I’m merely going to ride and see what the outcome will be; hoping for about 350 miles. Many friends have asked if I were going to take breaks during the stream etc and the answer is simple. If I have to go to the restroom, let my dog outside, or quickly grab a drink or snack then I will. To check out the Live stream on Twitch go to https://twitch.tv/mattyandannika or click on the link.

Not only are we doing the 24-hour Live Stream on Twitch, which is also our Last stream on Twitch for 2018; we’re getting me ready to focus on riding 25,000 miles for the year of 2019. All of the miles that I will be riding in 2019 will be ridden in a mix of indoor and outside and also I plan to visit a lot of cities and hopefully grab some postcards from each one. During these epic journeys riding my bike, I will be filming a bit here and there on our GoPro, taking lots of photos, and keeping everyone up to date on each day here on our website.

Black Mountain Trail | Cave Creek | Mountain Biking | MattyAndAnnika
Black Mountain Trail | Cave Creek | Mountain Biking | MattyAndAnnika

Am I going to ride my bike every day during my personal goal to ride 25,000 miles in 2019? The answer to that is maybe and maybe not. The goal is to ride at least 480 miles a week which does total 25,000 miles for the full 52 weeks of 2019, so as long as I total that amount of miles a week I can rest whatever day that can squeeze in. I’d love to ride 120 miles for 4 days in a week and then have some time to recover while I work on hiking at least one day a week and editing film for our YouTube. Depending on where I plan to ride each day will depend on which one of the bikes that I ride. Some days I’ll be riding my mountain bike and some will be on my road bike; others will be both on the same day. On days that Annika has the time, I will do rides with her before or after I’ve ridden a lot, and depending on how much I’ve ridden during that week will depend on the plan for her and me as to where we will ride to.

Black Mountain Trail | Cave Creek | Mountain Biking | MattyAndAnnika
Black Mountain Trail | Cave Creek | Mountain Biking | MattyAndAnnika “Look at that nice cliff edge, the picture doesn’t do it justice as that’s a very long way straight down. The trail was about 18 inches wide and a drop on the edge.”

We love to take our mountain bikes out onto trails and to just random places. Last year I rode several trails like Black Mountain Trail in Cave Creek, Brown’s Ranch, Tom’s Thumb and many others. This coming year we will try to hike all of the trails in our area as well as a bit of mountain biking through them too. The more we’re outside the better life is, and we cannot wait to be out in the world all of the time. Speaking of life is better outside, January we will be spending a bit of time in Jerome at the Grand Hotel (haunted hotel); we will be snowboarding again in Flagstaff too. During our time in Jerome and Flagstaff, we aim to take our bikes if we have room to do some riding in that area during the cold season. So yes, we have a lot planned and in action between the end of 2018 and all of 2019.

Gear List | Kit | MattyAndAnnika

Annika is talking about that we should take our bikes over to the Arizona Trail and ride it a bit while we do some bikepacking for a few days, ya never know; if the time fits in our schedule we may just add that in too. Since Annika and I have been together we haven’t camped together, well not with a tent in the woods but we have motel and car camped a lot during a lot of vacation travel. Since our many discussions about bikepacking and camping, we are working on stocking our gear list so that we’re set up to do any of the items we have an interest in doing.

Flagstaff | Snow Bowl | MattyAndAnnika
Flagstaff | Snow Bowl | MattyAndAnnika

So I think that I’ve covered everything for today and yesterday, now it’s time to get ready for some adventure cycling around our hometown here in Arizona. It’s looking to be a nice cold morning and I hope to get a bit of climbing in, either way, I’ll be riding with a good friend and that makes life awesome. Tonight’s adventures is a huge birthday dinner to celebrate a family members birthday and afterward, we hope to get a bit of sleep before Annika and I do some hiking and bike riding on Sunday morning.

We hope that you have enjoyed another day in our lives and we wish you an epic adventure day as well. Thanks for reading and if you like what we’re doing feel free to like/comment/follow our blog.


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