It’s been an epic week, to say the least

Yesterday was the last day of celebrating Thanksgiving with the family as we enjoyed time with one another at the birthday party last night. The morning started off with the plan to ride bikes with Jeff, however, the 43-degree weather changed the schedule a bit. I went out the door with my usual bike clothing on and within minutes I was freezing. I don’t own any winterized clothing for riding and I don’t know enough about layering but I did go out. Within minutes it was time to get back in out of the cold to reevaluate a better time to ride, the day’s schedule didn’t allow for it no matter how we kept trying to figure it out so I ended up doing some Zwift testing to prepare for the up and coming 24 Hour Stream. Once I got all of the software setups and went through a few minutes of the live broadcast, all was set and good to go. Turning off the live test stream I then set up my bike to do some spinning, I decided I’d use my last miles on free mode up before I bothered renewing my Zwift for December since I don’t use it often.

Simple quick install by switching out my thru axle and latching my bike into the Wahoo Kickr Snap and a few moments later and I was doing a spindown. It didn’t take but a minute or two and I was hauling butt through the track and fully enjoying the workout, I didn’t want to stop but our schedule was completely full so I decided I’d renew my account this coming week so I can do more indoor on cold mornings.

Several hours later my wife and I met up to go pick up a few of our family members so that we could help to get everyone to the restaurant. We took up and 1/2 of the place for seating and another large portion to put out the food, we were literally 1/3 of the restaurants’ customer base, which was pre-rented before the party. So much food, and so much laughter; the endless hugs throughout the night; saying hello and goodbye with every turn as everyone was either leaving right after dinner to go back home or extremely early the next morning. The night was so perfect, the week was so perfect; every day should be a family get together as we miss them all already.

In short, we made it home very late and are at the moment preparing everything for this mornings bike ride with our friend John, today is a chill ride. We may, if we get the time head over to one of the trails and do a bit of hiking; if not we will certainly do some tomorrow. Our up and coming weeks are filled with hiking, biking, and making every day another adventure to remember and we plan to do all we can to share it here.

We hope that everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving week and that every one that is or are traveling gets to their destination safely. Thanks for reading and we will be here bright and early tomorrow to share the update from our outings tomorrow. Have an epic day.


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