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It was a strange yet awesome day yesterday, so much fun ending in something odd that either way was funny and well… let’s get to it already.

Annika, John and I started our morning out with some adventure cycling; simple chill speed venturing to different routes and trail ways. We decided that we hadn’t been near the Tempe Lake area in a while so it seemed to be a simple Sunday ride so off we went.

Rio Salado Park | Tempe | Phoenix | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Rio Salado Park | Tempe | Phoenix | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

The extension to the Tempe Lake had been completed and opened up. We usually go down to what we called the Airport end where the paved trail ended and today it wasn’t the end; it went all the way to 3rd street in Phoenix. We passed the airport, the scenery was fair however the path was smooth and very peaceful. We ended up riding for a little over 25 miles before heading back home for a little lunch.

Our goal wasn’t to go fast as my wife is in the process of learning to climb so we take hills real slowly, then John he is training to cross country in which he is working on long hours in the saddle. Every Sunday when we ride our bikes it is to enjoy being on them and to have fun in good company and nothing more. We adventure to different places and tend to focus merely on personal strengths and positive fun.

After lunch the Hiking started, we literally grabbed our gear and went right out the door the moment we finished our food. The excitement rushed through our bodies as we were fully focused on taking on our 2nd hiking expedition together; Annika and I to take on another trail.

Lost Dog Wash Trailhead | Scottsdale | Quartz | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika
Lost Dog Wash Trailhead | Scottsdale | Quartz | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika

We decided the trail of the day would be the Lost Dog Trailhead and we drove right over to get started. Our Spot GPS was on, we started our Strava; we also started the recorded on our AllTrails app. We hiked around the area where the signs said “this way to Lost Dog Trail and within half an hour we completed that part so we decided to aim for something a bit longer. We started again onto the Lost Dog Path and when we got to Quartz it said “4.1 miles” so we went that way. We were hiking uphill for it felt like days however it was almost two hours in total. We started getting calls from family that was asking us to swing by so we cut our hike a little short with plans to come back for more very soon. We headed back down the trail to our car and started our way back to North Scottsdale to visit some family,  we were greeted with large plates of leftovers and cake.

The hiking was over for the day and we were extremely tired, I was falling asleep while standing; lol. We do always tend to push ourselves to the point of passing out. Not too much longer we started to head back home when we found out that our neighbors’ condo had clogged the entire block of condos sewage line and our tubs were filled with poo. Yes, literally poo had stained both bathtubs black and we had a huge mess to clean. We got some liquid Drano and a contractor version of a plunger and when we arrived back to our house from getting the supplies the plumbers were there. They had fixed the problem which was in a condo a few down from ours and all we had to do was clean up. We started laughing, we were way past exhaustion and after such an epic day together this wasn’t going to ruin it.

The day ended nicely after a quick cleanup and a long hot shower, we finally had dinner and relaxed to “Good Will Hunting“; an excellent movie. We were dosing off through most of the movie but the sheer relaxation after such an epic adventure was the best reward.

Our goal today was is to get up and enjoy a bit of climbing for about 30 miles on our bikes and then to go up to the Lost Dog Trailhead to try and complete the full Quartz Trail; however, this week has been so long the real result is that we may call today a relax day. If we do go out to tackle the bike ride and the hiking goal then awesome and if we don’t then we will just hold down the couch and allow our bodies to recover from all of the amazing adventures that we have been on all week. Either way today ends up is perfect for me as no matter how I look at it, the day gets spent with my awesome wife.

Hugs everyone and thanks for reading, we hope that you have an excellent adventure today.

Don’t forget December 15th, 2018 at 6am MST I will be riding my bike for 24 hours and streaming it on our Twitch Channel. I will be riding my bike on my Wahoo Kickr Snap displaying through our Twitch Stream via ZWIFT. See you then, thanks for the support. The stream is made possible by Bike Barn of Phoenix.

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