We accomplished the Quartz Trail as we’d planned

We had a mission yesterday and that was to complete the Quartz Trail which is a trail that breaks off of the Lost Dog Wash Trail, it’s a hard level and we did it. When we got over to the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead we headed back to where we left off the day before as fast as we could hike, we were going about 4.2 mph. Arriving at the spot that we had left off we took a quick video for our YouTube Channel.

During our hike, we enjoyed the amazing scenery and endured some easy and tough terrain. We were walking in the sand at one moment and later we were stumbling over Quartz that was everywhere. When we had made it up to the Quartz branch off on the trail we noticed that the Quartz Trail went one way and the Quartz Trailhead was a completely different system that went another direction. The Quartz Trail that we took was a steep uphill climb that took us over a thick rocky terrain that actually ends on a clip with about a 10-foot drop; this is where we stopped and began heading back. The trail does continue a little more if you were to backtrack about 30 yards to follow a very narrow trail into the wash which leads another half mile up which puts you in front of a wall that you have have to climb 8 feet sections to get to the overlook.

On the Quartz Trail we met one person which was a guide or helper on the trail, he gave us the information on the Quartz before we went. He stated that the trail that we were on was an epic trail however that it was pretty difficult to continue beyond the spot we made it to without some climbing gear. The ending result is when we reached the cliff we were pretty content, we also on another trail on our way to the Quartz Trail made it to the Overlook which everyone kept hiking to and from.

After we reached the stopping point of the Quartz Trail we then began heading back as we spoke about what reward we’d give ourselves for our accomplishment; “PIZZA from Oregano’s” was what it would be. We enjoyed this awesome hike a lot and we’re discussing doing all of the trails that branch off of the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead before we go to another trail system like Tom’s Thumb Trailhead or any other. We also decided that we’re going to focus a lot on exploring all of Arizona in full for the next few years. We hope to visit every trail to hike and to also ride our bike in every part of this beautiful state to document all of the beauty that we can find here.

Now today’s goal is to try and get a bit of riding and/or other exercises in as Annika and I work towards one of our many 2019 goals which are to do some sort of exercise every day. 2019 is the start of even more awesome life changing events within our crazy little world as we train our bodies for epic adventures in bikepacking, camping, and even some rock climbing as life goes forward.

Thank you for check out our daily adventures and we can’t wait to bring you more. Have an awesome day and thanks for reading.



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