That dang cold is back

Yesterday was sort of a blur as I have a severely bad sore throat that kept me from doing any cycling yesterday. During Thanksgiving, a lot of the family was around and my sister in law had that same mess we had just got over; I believe I got it again. My throat got really rough and hard to swallow or breath yesterday and it is still, in the same way, this morning. I’ve spent the night eating cough drops and drinking DayQuil to allow me the ability to somewhat talk. My goal yesterday morning before I realized that I was getting sick again was to get my bike on my indoor trainer and start-up 100ish miles on Zwift for the day.

issi | road bike pedals | cycling | MattyAndAnnika
iSSi | road bike pedals | cycling | MattyAndAnnika

The upside to being sick is that no matter what I did keep myself busy and do some exercises per our up and coming goal. A bit of weight lifting to go along with doing some shoulder physical therapy exercises sure helped a bit as I did enough of a workout to keep me physically moveable through the day. Annika focused on some elliptical time in our gym and some stretches, we ate light for the day and rested a bit in between work and basic housework.

Today I will focus on trying to kill this cold off while doing a bit of disinfecting the house in between some client work and medicines. Some stretch workouts with a bit of gym time should help a bit to kick off my day as I hope to get better fast enough to get back on my bike right away. Hopefully, by the 1st of December I’ll be better and back on my bike riding on Zwift for some long time in the saddle to prepare for the 24 hour Stream on our Twitch Channel December 15, 2018 6am MST sponsored by Bike Barn of Phoenix.

I’m gonna cut today’s article a little short as I’m not feeling too well this morning and it is 2am MST, we’ve been up since 1am’ time to get my brain moving around a little bit. Hugs to you all for reading and thanks for the support, more to come tomorrow.

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  1. Wish you a rapid recovery, looking forward to that Zwift challenge. I’ve only just started on there with the free trial but I’m loving it at the moment.

    1. Hey Fatman Slimming, I appreciate the message it means a lot. Feel free to add me on Zwift and maybe we can ride some time. I do love your blog and hope to read more as you share more. Im finishing the new Podcast now and wow my voice is messed up lol. Have an epic day my friend, shout anytime.

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