Our new Podcast released yesterday – One day early

I was looking over photos of our attempt at gardening in the desert yesterday and we had such a blast, we can’t wait to try it again; we will start it back up in the spring. We put a lot into our garden and it was beautiful too bad that the flies from our property management having the grass over watered destroyed almost the entire areas patio garden. The upside of this experience was the lessons we learned and how we will take better precautions next time.

Enough about the garden, for now, my brain is a bit back and forth sue to all the cold medicines to try and get rid of this cold for the second time. Since my throat being so sore was causing my voice to go out, I put out the Podcast for today out yesterday. I had fun creating the music and honestly, I personally liked yesterdays podcast much better than the previous two. The latest Podcast “Life Portals: Hiking, Biking, Living Life – Episode 3” is a lot longer than the previous releases too. I believe I covered a lot that was on my mind and I’m putting together notes for the next episode for next Thursday to prepare for hopefully an even better one.

Now we’re getting up and starting today and my throat has gotten even sorer than yesterday, my neck feels swollen; I really wished this mess would clear up faster. The focus for today is just like yesterday; to workout indoors, while trying to get better faster. Yesterday I had the honor of catching a few of my friends streaming on their Twitch Channels (BrokenHipShot and Jangro), they were on Zwift working doing their workouts. We had fun touching base on the up and coming 24 Hour Stream Event (December 15th, 2018 6am MST sponsored by Bike Barn of Phoenix) in which I will be riding on my indoor trainer on Zwift for the whole day and night. My setup is pretty cut and dry, I use a Wahoo Kickr Snap indoor trainer and I connect my Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 bike to it and begin riding. The most important thing to remember when doing indoor Zwift or any other indoor exercise is to stay hydrated and have good fans. I have two fans blowing on my the entire time I ride and since I’m indoors I wear minimal clothing to keep from overheating.

Okay, so yesterday a bit of exercising was done; the podcast was completed a day early and I enjoyed time with friends. Work got done, housework got done, and hopefully today I can get on my bike for at least a little bit of pedaling depending on how my breathing is. At worst case, I continue to take cold meds and rest up for the weekend in hopes to be back riding at full swing on Saturday.

Whelp it’s that time, finish my cup of coffee, eat my meds and get my day started. Thanks to our awesome Patreon supporters and huge thanks to BrokenHipShot, Jangro, and Bike Barn of Phoenix for the support.

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  1. My wife’s nan always used to say a cold lasts for 9 days. 3 days to get to its peak, 3 days at peak then 3 days to go away. Hope yours doesn’t last as long that.

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