So many things are taking shape, including our Live Stream Schedule

So yesterday was an interesting day, to say the least. I’m still fighting to get over this cold but I did attempt to get on my Wahoo Kickr Snap to ride on Zwift for a short ride yesterday and yes I streamed it on our Twitch Channel as a  warm-up. I had gone through and got the charities set up for the 24 Hour Stream coming up that is sponsored by Bike Barn of Phoenix and Bottle Spark.

Bottle Spark

Bike Barn of Phoenix
Bike Barn of Phoenix Arizona | 4112 N 36th St. Phoenix, AZ 85018 | (602) 956-3870

The charities for this Live Stream Event are St. Judes Research Hospital, Stackup.Org, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Now that all of them are set up and ready during yesterday’s stream, the first donation to Phoenix Children’s Hospital had come in, it was an epic morning. The chat in our Twitch Channel was blowing up with awesome Zwift Streamers like BrokenHipShot, Jangro, B2Squared and many more while I pedaled my bike for a quick 50 miles. After my short warm up stream, everyone in my channel headed over to BrokenHipShot‘s while he covered even more about the 24 Hour Stream while going over more options to indoor cycling. Not too much later after BrokenHipShot‘s stream, we then all migrated to Jangro‘s Channel to watch him ride on Zwift as he promoted the 24 Hour Stream as well, and not too much longer we all ended up at B2Squared‘s channel to continue on the day. Now while we were in Jangro‘s channel I was on my bike again riding indoor on Zwift, not streaming this time I was merely riding another 25 miles for the day while supporting Jangro‘s stream. So in total even though I am extremely sick rode indoor 75 .1 miles yesterday while all of us streamed to promote the up and coming 24 Hour Stream to support 3 charities.

Between the live streams, we all started working on how to better the Zwift community on Twitch and we have some plans in motion. If you ride on Zwift or are on Twitch and would like to be part of this, join one of our channels and reach out when one of us is live.

24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life
24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life

On a big note that has come from yesterday’s fun, we’ve decided to come back to Twitch streaming weekly for Zwift Only Streams. We will not do game streams of any kind, we prefer to do our gaming with friends, family and Patreon supporters without broadcasting them. Hopefully, by next week, the actual stream schedule will go up and by the beginning of the year, the schedule will be fully running. More news to come as the Stream information is available until then be sure to follow us on Twitch as well as the awesome streamers list so that you know when we’re all live.


Alright so that pretty much gets things covered for yesterday, now it’s time to get today started. Huge thanks to our Sponsors, Patreon supporters and the awesome streamers above. We wish you all an epic adventure today and thanks for reading.

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      1. Small steps and all. I’ve just been tinkering with my bike setup, hopefully will be a bit more comfortable to ride now and I will hopefully be able to put more miles in a single ride. Will find out tomorrow when I can get back on Zwift 🙂

      2. Not professionally, looking into that in the new year. Been recommended someone by a friend, just not the right time to part with the cash at the moment 😉

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