Happy Saturday! We’re preparing to bike and hike

Yesterday started out fighting the same sore throat on a worse level however since it was so bad that I couldn’t ride, I spent some time preparing for the 24 Hour Stream. I spoke with Extra-Life.org (one of the charity services for the stream for Phoenix Children’s Hospital), I also reached out to St. Jude’s Research Hospital, StackUp.Org, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital; to make sure I had the proper logos etc for the flier.

24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life
24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life

The flier above is the latest version that displays the current sponsors for the 24 Hour Stream on December 15th, 2018 at 6am MST. Huge thanks go out to the sponsors which are:

Along with a few awesome Twitch Streamers who also Zwift that will be helping as they can:

Getting things done and caught up yesterday I even spoke to Zwift about the event, sadly their event system is designed for a fundraiser system that is specific to one and their system can’t handle an event of the duration of our 24 Hour Stream. The did send “as they say” a well deserved “RIDE ON!” to wish us luck and thanked us for what we’re doing. Later on in the night StackUp.Org also got back in touch to help get things rolling, and last but not least we’re still waiting on Twitch reply about this event and a Team that we’re working on to support Zwift Specific Streamers. We also spent the last few days promoting to our Strava Club who are also over 300 Zwift cyclists and a lot of them want to ride with us during the live event.


So.. a lot got done yesterday while being very sick, I can’t wait to see what gets done today.

First off, I may not be riding until tomorrow morning in hopes that this cold clears up with a little more rest and medications. Now tomorrow, on the other hand, Annika and I are planning to go out for a nice adventure bike ride and afterward we are heading up to the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead to attempt hiking another trail within this trail system. Hiking and riding our bikes will be tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday; the other days will be me riding Zwift indoor with a bit of outside adventure cycling and mountain biking while I prepare for the 24 Hour Event.

Today I hope to get the Event Page finished up and updated with the latest details and sponsors list; fingers crossed. Well, it’s that time again, thank you for reading and keeping up with our daily lives and adventures. Remember if you like what we’re doing and want to support you can become a Patreon, Subscribe to our Podcast, Subscribe to our Twitch Channel, or simply share us with your friends. Have an epic day and weekend!

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