I rested a lot yesterday so we can Hike and Bike today

Wow, what a day yesterday. I got up like every day to get things done while fighting this mess of a cold. More artwork to take care of before the 24 Hour Stream to do however I was so sluggish I finally had to call it a day. I fell asleep at 9:30ish in the morning and woke at 4:00pm in the afternoon still feeling like I needed to go back to bed. This mess was working on me so hard that an “actual” Sudafed in my system to clear up my breathing and I still slept. Well, the upside is that I did get some rest and I do feel much better after getting a fair nights sleep last night too since I was in bed again by 8:30pm until 5:45am this morning. Now that I’m rested up a bit I hope that I can make it through this epic adventure this morning.

While thinking about snowboarding in Flagstaff in which we will be doing sometime in January we’re getting our morning ready to head out adventure cycling and mountain biking for a bit with some local friends. Jeff, John, Annika and I are going for another 25-mile ride on our bikes and today we’re taking out our mountain bikes to do it. Once we return from our bike ride through Tempe, Phoenix, and Scottsdale; we aim to gear up to go hiking up at the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead again so that we can tackle a few more of the trails.

Our hike goal today is to stroll through the Sunrise Trail, Old Jeep Trail, and Ringtail Trail; which are part of the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead. Once we complete these trails in that trail system we will have most of the trails accomplished and work towards the harder ones north and east of there. This is not a bad achievement given that we had recently gotten started into hiking, and of course, we can’t stop thinking about it.

Tuesday and Wednesday we aim to do a bit of hiking and biking too after I do the morning Twitch Stream in which the new schedule starts Officially Monday. So our schedule is about to be even nuttier than it has been but hopefully between now and then this cold will be gone; fingers crossed.

I’d like to say thank you once again to our awesome Patreon supporters who have been backing us all this time, you guys and gals are amazing and thanks to you we made a new update a few minutes ago. This morning we stepped up to the next level with our website, we are no longer on WordPress Personal Plan; we’re on the Premium Plan which will allow us to do more to our website and it makes us one step closer to having the Business Plan. You! Our Patreons helped to make this possible and every month we step up things just a little more, hugs and loves to you all and thank you!

Alright gang, time to get the day rolling. Thanks for reading and we will put up a new post in the morning, don’t forget Patreons (at $5 a month or more) can track us on the Spot GPS link while we’re out. Have an epic day and thanks for the support.

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