We had a beautiful bike ride yesterday

What an epic way to spend yesterday than riding our mountain bikes with good friends. The morning started out with a plan to jump on our bikes and do some adventure cycling with Jeff, John, and Annika and to then go hiking in the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead area, well we didn’t get to make it hiking but the day was still awesome.

Our plan to hike got sort of changed as we were doing our slow climb back for leg strengthening and as we were pedaling we got hit with some raindrops a few times and the overcast was a bit worrisome. This happen a few times within our ride back to Scottsdale from Phoenix so we decided that the day would be errand day to catch up things we had to do for the week. When we got back home and started getting ready to run errands the sun came back out bright and clear, then as we were walking out the door the sky was super cloudy and dark again so we headed out for some pizza and ran our errands.

After a short lunch, we then decided to check out a few bike shops on the way to REI and Bike Barn of Phoenix so we headed over to Chandler first. In Chandler, we stopped into Global Bikes in which we kept being told to check out and to be honest 10 minutes in this Ray rd location and we lost interest in that bike shop for good. I texted Jeff to let him know of our experience in that Global Bikes location and he said to please go to the other one on Gilbert Rd and Guadalupe Rd, so we decided that after we stopped at REI we would check that location out. After REI we made it to the Global Bikes off Gilbert road and Jeff was right, this was a fun shop with good people. Global Bikes are basically a Specialized brand shop and have some good stuff and apparently, our experience at the other shop is not the first time this shop has heard this. Okay, so we checked out other bikes shops for the day, however, we have a bike shop that takes care of our every need so we made it over to there shortly afterward; that bike shop is Bike Barn of Phoenix Arizona.

Now that we had made our rounds to visit other bike shops within our surrounding area, let’s get back to our adventure from the in REI (Chandler location). The Chandler location of REI is our favorite REI store on the planet, great people, and they know us by name; it feels like home every time we stop in. When we arrived we headed right for the bikepacking gear as one of the staff yells “Hi Matty, welcome back!”; yup it felt like home. We picked up two new bags for our bikes, Revelate Designs Mag Tank for me and a Mountain Feeder for Annika. We did some looking around for some hiking gear as well and then right before checkout we picked up our favorite Marshmellow Snacks and some Chimes. It was now time to head over to Bike Barn of Phoenix.

Team Dave! At Bike Barn we saw Dave and Mary and oh my it was very busy in Bike Barn, that is a very nice thing to see; however, this bike shop is always busy and extremely friendly. We had forgotten that it was Sunday and that the shop was soon closing but no one in the shop had any interest in rushing us out, in fact, they locked us in, lol. Annika may have found her a new bike and Mary set it up while Dave figured out pricing for us. We all spoke of the charity 24 Hour Stream a bit then Annika got to go for a test ride. Annika had a huge smile on her face when she took off riding a Specialized Diverge, this was her first ride on an actual road bike; she was hooked. Whelp it was time to go shopping at Costco before we headed in for the day so we thanked the team at Bike Barn and went to finish up our errands.

Now let’s get back to the beginning of the day with our wonderful bike ride. Annika and I waited as John arrived for our meetup at Echo Coffee then we went to meet up with Jeff. Everyone started chatting as we set off on our Sunday chill adventure bike ride. John wanted to show us a few sights that we didn’t know about so we went in that direction. We rode our bikes over to a marking on the ground which he explained was a hatch from the German war era, wow the times we have passed this and hadn’t had a clue or even saw it.

After visiting a few sights we headed out through Tempe and into Phoenix on the paved trails. It was a beautiful 27-28 mile ride together as we all enjoyed each others company and spent the Sunday ride happy on our bikes. As usual, on our Sunday rides, we don’t go fast and we pick random areas to explore; what fun times we have.

So I believe I’ve about covered everything other than I sent out some postcards to our awesome Patreon Supporters yesterday, so yes another epic adventure day down and more to come. Today’s plan is to ride on Zwift indoors and maybe reach another 75 miles and afterward work on our website since we upgraded it’s functionality yesterday. Oh and if schedule allows we will hike today however if not we aim to do some Tuesday and Wednesday.

Whelp, it’s that time again. We hope that you have enjoyed our adventure and we will post again tomorrow. We wish you an awesome day and thanks for reading.

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