A short Zwift followed by a Hike with some biz things in the end

Yesterday started out a bit odd like with Zwift’s new update. I use a Wahoo Kickr Snap and every other update that Zwift releases fails to work and ends up taking about a week before they fix the issue and yesterday was one of those releases. This seems to happen literally every 2 updates cause us lots of downtime on Zwift. What happens is when the update installs the trainer has to be recalibrated with Zwift and as for yesterday it took literally 20 mph to be going 5 mph in Zwift and no matter what was done it wouldn’t correct. I ended up riding about 15 miles on Zwift over 4 rides trying to get it fixed and Zwift only uploaded 1 ride in total of a little over 3 miles, I ended up calling it a day on Zwift after that.

After the craziness with Zwift Annika and I decided we’d go hiking however before hiking we had wanted to look into a new place for our business mail to be received. Since we’ve been in Arizona we’ve had a mail service company that dealt with our business mail, and no matter what something was always wrong. The place changed owners 3 times over 1 year and would randomly close early or open late causing mail to get lost or sent back to the sender. It has not been pleasant using that company so we called around yesterday to find one and we found 1 that literally had 1 mailbox available. We went to the new place and had a meeting while we set everything up and then we headed out to hike.

We reached The Lost Dog Wash Trailhead with the goal to complete the Old Jeep Trail, Sunrise Trail, Ringtail Trail, and the Anasazi Trail. We started hiking and we were having so much fun we accomplished each trail that we came to defeat very quickly. The route was nice with a few fair climbs, a nice mix of terrain, and we had plenty of fun while we did it. Upon finishing up our hike it was time to go pick up some pizza and pick up packages from our soon to be the former mailbox.

We stopped in at what was soon to be our Former mailbox to pick up the 3 packages that according to Amazon have been delivered to come up to the unexpected. The mail service window was covered in notes with a phone number on it that had a big cardboard sign inside saying sorry and to text for information. The building had been cleaned out and even the mailboxes were pulled from the walls. The owners literally closed shop without telling one and we had to call them to meet them somewhere today to get our mail, what a joke of a business. All we could say is that we’re glad that we got a new place when we had started our day. A bit agitated with such idiocy we shrugged it off and headed towards our lunch place to have a few slices of pizza. We know at this point that mail is already lost in transit and we’re currently unsure as to how many of the 3 packages that we will get today, however, we’re thankful that we will no longer be doing business with that place again.

Now for today.

I’m about to start up our stream on Twitch to attempt a bit of Zwift for about an hour, fingers crossed. Once the stream is over we will get a few things in order so that we can prepare to get our mail today, run some errands; have a nice family lunch and then off to hike again. During the Stream, Annika will be doing her work out in our Gym. Fingers crossed for a chill relaxation day, either way, life is beautiful.

Thanks for reading and the awesome support of our Patreon Supporters and Sponsors have an epic adventure today.

One more quick note, tomorrow I will be working on the new podcast in the afternoon, we do have a stream tomorrow morning; we also plan to ride and hike after stream. Last but not least, a new YouTube is on the way.

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