From 37-degree bike ride to hiking into the night

A very early morning started at 3am when Annika and I jumped from bed for our coffee while I worked on the article for the day. After finalizing the morning articles and preparing my bike for broadcasting our morning 5am Stream on Twitch we slurped down our coffee while Annika searched for what will soon be her new bike.

So the stream started this morning as the first day of the schedule, we are still doing some adjustments to the actual schedule and have come to the conclusion that some Twitch extension isn’t going to cut it for a real world event countdown. The stream schedule will basically switch weekly and we will have it up correctly very soon, till then what is on the Twitch page is what we will go by. Now the stream was fun and a little short while we work our way back into it, this morning we called it a quick 10; ride 10 miles while chatting with BrokenHipShot and the others who were in chat. This morning will be day 2 of the stream and it will be a quick 20, meaning I will ride on Zwift for a quick 20 miles; this will progress as the schedule gets to working best.

After the morning stream yesterday Annika and I decided to go for a quick morning ride since it was still very dark we felt that it was a great way to test our lights; we didn’t realize how cold it was until we got started. 37 degrees and I was wearing summer baselayers when we returned my hands looked as red as a fire engine; the upside is that we accomplished our goal. We rode our bikes in colder weather than we were used to, we weren’t in warm gear’ and the lights worked extremely great. The point of the ride was to try and ride in a different environment than our normal and still be happy; we laughed all the way as we pedaled 9 miles in the freezing dark morning.

When we finished the outside bike ride and knocked all of the ice off of us we got warmed up and clean to go bike searching. Annika has been continuously looking for the perfect bike for her needs and happiness; she finally had a bike call to her so we had to go check it out. She searched high and low to see if any bike shop in our area had one and 1 shop had one of similarity so we went to test it out. The bike Annika wants is a Salsa Journeyman Sora 650, she wants this bike for bikepacking, touring, and as her everyday bike. She test rode a few Salsa bikes and I test rode a Surly ERC, after a bit, we decided to check around other places in hopes that someone had the exact bike and no one did. We finally had the time to swing down to see Dave at Bike Barn of Phoenix where he and Mary are doing some digging to see how fast that they can find this bike and get it into the store for Annika to buy; she is ecstatic and cannot wait for this bike. Huge thanks and hugs go out to Bike Barn’s Dave and Mary for the assist and we hope that we have some news right away.

Once we had finished up with bike searching and of course had a lunch with some family it was time to go hiking. Annika and I had planned on tackling the Ringtail Trail today, it’s a nice 3.3-mile section in which we had not got to fully explore due to it connecting to other trails that we were hiking. Well, we finished the trail and we didn’t get home until dark, it was an epic adventure, to say the least.

Today’s plan is to do the 20-mile stream, then go for a 20-mile bike ride outside; do some things around our house and spend time together with our dog. We’re keeping our fingers crossed to hear something about the new bike that Annika wants and we will keep you all posted, now let’s get this day started.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the live stream on Twitch sometime in the future.

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