We’ve picked out our new bikes and Annika’s arrives Monday

Alright, what an epic day it was! The morning started with our Zwift Stream on Twitch at 6am MST, riding on my Wahoo Kickr Snap Annika and I enjoyed the morning in the chat with BrokenHipShot, Jangro, Huskki96, and a few others. When we finished the stream we had a plan to get some of our errands around the house done and to go on a 20-mile ride outside, unfortunately, we didn’t get to do our outside bike ride. When we took our laundry to the laundry room on the property one of our neighbors let us know that the water will be turned off soon so we needed to get finished soon. A water pipe had busted in one of the buildings on the property and the plumbers were coming to fix it; well that did explain a lot of recent happenings.

We decided that since we didn’t know how long the water on the property would be out that we’d pass on working out for the day so we wouldn’t be waiting around wondering when we could get clean smelling again. We ended up passing the morning time by spending time with our dog while we searched high and low for Annika’s new bike. It turns out that since a local bike shop (that we won’t shop at) has the bike she wants in stock, no other shop in the area is allowed to order her one; well we found an alternative to this. Annika really wants the bike and our friends at Bike Barn as well as a few other bike shops (we called 25 other shops) in our area tried to help us find it and all got the same response, we decided to reach outside of our area. We found an awesome bike shop in Tucson that was very happy to order Annika’s bike and they didn’t have the restriction since the shop we didn’t want to shop at was nowhere near them. Annika’s new Salsa Journeyman Sora 650 will be available for pickup on Monday, she is extremely happy. After we ordered the bike we touched base with Bike Barn to thank them for all of their work trying to assist us with getting the bike and as always they were tickled that Annika got her bike and was happy; huge thanks to Team Dave and Mary at Bike Barn of Phoenix.

We were so happy that we couldn’t mentally function correctly, and of course, most of it was not enough sleep lately. We chilled the rest of the day by enjoying YouTube videos on Bikepacking with Iohan.

We even took some time to give our dog a nice haircut while we finished looking over my up and coming new bike. Our dog relaxed with us after her haircut as I debated between a few different bikes on my list, all the bikes are the Surly brand.

  • Surly Wednesday
  • Surly Pugsley
  • Surly ECR
  • Surly Ice Cream Truck

Now first off, every one of those bikes is an awesome FatBike beast. Annika and I have researched every possibility between them all based on terrain we plan to ride and bags we plan to carry and the top on my list out of them ended up being the Surly Pugsley, and since I couldn’t decide between Wednesday and Pugsley so easily I figured I may name my new PugsleyWednesday“, not certain on the name yet until it is in my house and I’ve ridden it at least 100 miles.

We’ve decided that no matter how many bikes that we buy we only need two each at a time. Annika’s two bikes will be the Salsa Journeyman Sora 650 and she also wants a Surly Pugsley, I will keep my Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 (for a while) and get a Surly Pugsley. My road bike will be used for indoor Zwift mainly once I have the Pugsley and then my Pugsley will become my main outdoor bike for all road or not road areas. We’ve always known that we’re the adventure bike type and/or ultra-distance bike rider type more than any other style. We’re not social elitist, we’re simply happy on a bike and love to go far and explore.

So another adventure day down and it’s time to start a new one. The stream starts at 5am MST and today we may ride some miles since it is supposed to rain. Hugs and thanks so much for reading, we wish you an epic adventure day.


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