Some discombobulating concerns about Twitch and Cox Communications have come up

December 5th when we were about to finish stream all of a sudden frames started dropping in large numbers. Twitch has always been known to fail in big ways so this wasn’t the first experience so we did the normal and finished the stream; afterward, we check status on everything. We looked at Twitch Inspector which showed at that time, not anything wrong, we also went to Twitch Status site to see that nothing was listed for any of the servers being on or offline. We then went to Downtimedetector to see that lots of people were reporting the issue; yes this was a Twitch problem and no Twitch wasn’t replying or acknowledging it. A bit later our friend BrokenHopShot came online and within minutes we couldn’t see his stream due to drop frames taking place with him too. Everyone that was watching in many locations around the world was letting him know of the drop frames and it got so bad we couldn’t see the stream the rest of the duration.

The next morning (Dec 6th) we started the stream and we couldn’t stream at all, we tried multiple times; we even went through a full reinstall of OBS only to get the same response. While this was taking place Twitch had no listing of any issues going on while people were once again posting to Dowtimedetector that they were having the same problems. I even went as far as installing OBS on my laptop which is an Alienware I7 32 GB of Ram and setup OBS with no scenes at all and started the steps through the auto wizard; this is when things got even stranger and pointing directly at Twitch being the issue. OBS auto wizard got to the last step which is checking servers, the response was failed to connect to any Twitch Server. Many times over and over and then it finally went through the last step. When it finished setting up I hit start broadcast and within 20 seconds it had 3000 dropped frames, this was getting nerve-wracking, to say the least. I’d reach my limit with this especially after a speed test check to see my Upload was over 300mbps and my Download was almost 20mbps. Durin gall of these test streams my CPU usage never reached over 2% and my memory never got over 15%, so where does this say the problem is? All point to Twitch, including Downtimedetector.

So I reached out to friends in our Discord to share what I was going through since I had even gone through all of the special tweaks and more as stated by Twitch for bitrate etc and nothing was making any difference and I got the oddest response. My buddy sent me a link show that Cox Communications in Arizona Blocked Twitch a few months back and people were still being affected by it 1 month ago on that Reddit link. After even more research this had happened in Canada and many other areas by other ISP’s. We’ve reached our Limit when it comes to Twitch and Cox Communications. No matter how much we pay for the best of the best we never get any response from Twitch Support, in fact, I had recently gotten a reply from 2 years ago; and well Cox Communications have the most ignorant of staff to answer your calls; enough is enough with them both.

We had left Twitch and have been very happy being very far away from that company and without Twitch in the equation really nothing is an issue other than Cox Communications in the process of doing the same thing with Netflix and Cox Communications is just one of the shadiest companies on Earth. Today we started setting up new ISP options and none include Twitch as a product for future use nor Cox Communication at any point in our lives. And the new solution fits perfect for our Off Grid lifestyle that is in progress for the up and coming future. We’re upgrading our mobile data plan to Unlimited, now we won’t really be able to stream but honestly, streaming on Twitch has never done anything for us and no matter how many people who had subbed we’ve never seen a dime of it nor will we. By the end of this month since we just paid our Internet Bill we will no longer have wires everywhere, it’ll be epic and more chill. We will also be able to take our internet everywhere we go without hassle; the only item we won’t be able to do is stream on Twitch, “now does that sound like something anyone would miss?”‘ our answer is Nope.

As for the 24 Hour Stream, we plan to do it; however, we can’t say that Twitch or Cox Communication won’t mess up. This issue is also something that other companies should look at as the result of Cox Communications and Twitch either or both are the reasons that a lot of people including the 30 million plus members who left Twitch in the last year are losing business by using them.

More details on this as the day nears, thanks for reading.

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