Time to do some outdoor bike riding

Gotta get away from the computer so tomorrow I’m going out with John to do Fountain Hills area to assist him with his training to cross country. I’m looking forward to bein gon my road bike and climbing those hills, then, of course, the epic downhill descents. Over the next few days, I am not sure if I will be on Zwift as I’m having to prepare our home network for changes and we may start preparing the bike room expansion.

I love riding with John and chilling time during the ride will be nice since my muscles have gotten so sore over the last week of working out. The game plan tomorrow is a simple one, an outdoor road bike ride to Fountain Hills and back and then I’ll be back at home allocating space for Annika’s new bike that we go to pick up on Monday. Today’s update is a bit short due to the workload this morning, I will try and take some really cool pictures while I’m out riding. Hugs and thanks so much for reading and supporting what we’re doing.

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