My road bike needs repairs

The morning started off like normal and the plan was to meet John for a nice climb through Fountain Hills since we didn’t get to do so on Friday; well I road to the meeting spot and something was grinding.

Strange sounds started coming from my cassette, sort of like the chain was rubbing on something with a slight pop as if a piece of gravel was in my cassette. I rolled into the parking lot of Echo Coffee and stopped to look over my bike while I waited for John. When I became to hand pedal my bike it acted as if the chain wanted to jump from the cassette, kind of strange given it wasn’t doing this on the last ride. I started thinking that maybe my wheel didn’t get exact placement when I swapped the thru-axel? My brain was fine detailing everything that the bike had been through to try and make sense of this issue. I got on my bike and started pedaling and pop, pop, pop; well that meant no bike ride.

Matty's Robot Legs | Them's my magic shoes | I was Pedaling | MattyAndAnnika
Matty’s Robot Legs | Them’s my magic shoes | I was Pedaling | MattyAndAnnika

Once I got Icarus (my road bike) to my house I started taking all of my gear from it, my back has so much gear on it that it looks like a touring bike; always ready to do some bikepacking. After stripping all of my gear from my Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 (Icarus – Road Bike), I started washing every part of it while looking to see if anything was stuck in any crevice. I couldn’t find anything that would cause the chain or cassette to be jamming up or popping so after Icarus was disassembled and clean; I noticed something. The front derailer was rubbing on the chain on the outer chainring, the 52 of the 52/36. After looking very closely it looks as if the cable is wearing out and it started to give a little, just enough to slip a bit.

Matty's Handlebar Gear | Revelate Designs | Bikepacking | MattyAndAnnika
Matty’s Handlebar Gear | Revelate Designs | Bikepacking | MattyAndAnnika

I grabbed my screwdriver and did a little tweaking to try and adjust the slight deviation and it did help a little bit, however, I’m taking Icarus to Bike Barn in the morning for a nice tuneup to make this all better. My chain needs a bit of cleaning, my front derailer cable needs some adjustments or a replacement and my rear cassette needs to be cleaned up along with some tweaking on the rear derailer. I’m certain that Dave will make sure all gets fixed up for me before the up and coming 24 hour Stream on twitch December 15th, 2018 at 6am MST.

During my trip to Bike Barn for repairs, I’ll be picking up the trainer tire and rim that they’re sponsoring me with for the stream. Don’t forget the stream is to support 3 charities, and is sponsored by Bike Barn of Phoenix, Phlipseyed Clothing Co, and Bottle Spark.

Today’s game plan is to take Icarus out for a chill ride with John and Annika so that I may test the adjustments made so far and after the ride take it in for repairs. Fingers crossed that all goes well, either way, we plan to make the day an epic adventure.

Thanks for reading and we wish you an epic adventure too.

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