It’s that time, New Bike day and we’re about to go pick it up

The day has come, Annika’s New Bike is available for pickup and we’re driving to Tucson very soon so that we can get it.

Let’s start off with yesterday. We took a day to chill out and it was good. We started the day like normal as we started preparing my bike to be taken to Bike Barn of Phoenix so that Dave can look into doing some tweaks to get my bike running smoother. When we got to the shop we were welcomed with big smiles and told to bring it on in. Visiting Bike Barn is like visiting family on the Holidays, very welcoming, friendly, and everyone is always happy to see you.

New Trainer Tire and Rim for Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix| MattyAndAnnika
New Trainer Tire and Rim for Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix| MattyAndAnnika

Dave grabbed my bike as he asked what was happening with it. I explained the few things that I needed to be done and he immediately through my bike onto the wrack and began. Mary and the rest of the staff continued chatting with us about our daily plan and asking about our up and coming new bikes. After a few minutes, Dave turned and said, here is “here is what I suggest”. I need a new chain for starters as it is getting a bit stretched due to all of the ridings on Zwift, if I change the chain soon I won’t have to worry about my cassette for a bit. He readjusted my derailers to allow me some more adjustment room for when I need a tweak here and there in which will easily get me through the week until I can get it back to the shop to have the new chain put on. He cleaned my drivetrain thoroughly to make sure that no debris would cause any issues during pedaling and when he had completed those items he handed me my loner rim and trainer tire for the 24 Hour Stream on Saturday, December 15th.

My bike had been tweaked and the plan is in motion to get a new chain installed on the 14th of December which is one day before the charity stream. A new chain will certainly help with a 24-hour Zwift ride on our Twitch channel, it’s gonna be epic. Huge thanks for Bike Barn, Dave, Mary and the rest of the staff.

Now for today!

Today is new bike day! The new bike that Annika ordered is ready for pickup and we are driving 2 hours to Tucson to pick it up, the excitement is real. We rested yesterday while watching Iohan’s YouTube channel daydreaming about FatBikes as we awaited this morning.

Episode after episode as we enjoyed every turn of the tires and enjoyed Iohan’s adventures. This is something we plan to do over time.

We literally spent the day chilling on our couch for a change, we didn’t exercise, we just kicked back while enjoying the company of each other and talked about bikes over a cold bottle of “Cock and Bull” soda. We both dreamed about FatBikes and New Bikes all night as when we woke it is all we could think of as we are drinking our coffee in excitement awaiting our drive to get the new bike.

Well, in short, it was a relaxing day and today all we can think about is Annika’s new bike and the up and coming Surly Pugsley’s, we’ve literally started thinking of names for them already. So let’s get the day started and spend some time on bikes outside. Thanks for reading and we hope you have an epic adventure today!

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