We slept in a bit and Annika loves her new bike

Good morning and we did sleep in a couple hours; it’s 6:46am MST. Yesterday we took a road trip to Tucson so that Annika can pick up her new bike; a Salsa Journeyman Sora  650 and she is extremely happy. We did make a nice trip out of it as we stopped in at one of the parks along the way to do a bit of shopping. On the way back after picking up the new bike we decided to ride on the bike route roads that we will be used to ride our bike to Tucson from Scottsdale. It was a bit longer of a drive and a lot slower however the route was smoother and hardly any traffic.

When we arrived home we immediately swapped Annika’s lights and gear backs to her new bike and headed off for a quick ride. We rode a little bit then made an adjustment and we continued in that fashion for a good part of the ride. After a few tweaks she was very comfortable on her new bike and we just rode around a little while she got used to it.

The bike was home with all of our other bikes and we were exhausted from such a busy week, it was time to kick back and rest a while. Dinner, a movie, and a cuddling dog and we were slowly melting into our couch. As the day was ended we discussed the up and coming Twitch Stream on December 15th, 2018 at 6AM MST and how things have always been with Twitch and why we stopped streaming on Twitch in the first place. The endpoint of the conversation is The 24 Hour Twitch Stream will be our last on Twitch. Twitch has always been an empty item to us, it’s had no positive bearing in our lives and of course, our followers know that we’re not the Selfie society. So yes on December 15th, 2018 it will be our last stream on Twitch and we will not return to that platform. So far just from starting up this Charity Stream, it has been no different than any other time on Twitch and we don’t have the time or the reasons to want to be in such a negative and drama based community.

24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life
24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life

The 24 Hour Twitch Stream will start at 6am MST on December 15th, 2018 and depending on Twitch’s failing servers in our area and Cox Communications working together or properly at all will be how well the stream will be; the only focus we have is that I will pedal on Zwift all night and those who follow on Strava and/or Zwift will see it in stats. As for the charities that have repeatedly had no interested in supporting the fact but had all the time to email daily asking us to assist with more money, we’re quite bothered by it.

Now for today, our dog goes to the vet this morning for the blood work on her kidney issue; fingers crossed. She has been doing lots better and loves her special home cooked meals, so things should look good on the results. After we return back to our house with her to get her settled in we plan to do some riding so that Annika can finish any tweaks on her bike. The holidays are right around the corner which means lots of family time and we wish everyone an awesome holiday. We will be slowing down on riding and hiking until the New Year when everything kicks off into high gear on January 1st.

Now when it comes to Twitch, if you’re a Zwift rider or just someone who has an interest and want to know more about it or want to join or be a part of some excellent Zwift communities on Twitch.

Top Streamers that also use and stream Zwift

Those streamers are like family to us, they’re great people as well as awesome streamers; we highly recommend them. As for our plans after we leave Twitch for this FINAL time. We will be doing what we’ve always done, living life happy, sharing it on our site, our YouTube, and spending time with our followers and Patrons. Lots to come in the New Year.

Hugs and have an epic adventure today, thanks for reading. Want to support what we’re doing? Become a Patreon supporter today.

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