Bike Barn of Phoenix for the Win

Another wonderful day took place and we’re coming into another daily adventure revolving around cycling, mountain biking, hiking, and more. Yesterday started out like normal other than having to take our dog in for her blood work. If you are familiar with what has been going on with our dog, the blood test came out lots better. If you’re not, our dog has a smaller kidney and has been on a special diet along with prescription food to get her levels to where they should be; yesterdays test pointed to a good outlook. Her doctor says the test results look promising and that we’re to continue with what she is doing and to add a special antibiotic for 4 months; so far so good.

After we got the info from the vet we headed out for a short ride. Annika absolutely loves her new bike and since I needed to go get a new chain she wanted to show Dave and Mary at Bike Barn of Phoenix which one she got. When we arrived a Bike Barn Dave #2 grabbed my bike and started putting on my new chain while #TeamDaveAZ and Mary checked out Annika’s new bike and spoke with us about the 24 Hour Stream on December 15th. TeamDaveAZ then says to me, “Let me hook you up with your New Jersey”; I was a little confused as he says “what size would I like?”. I told him that due to my wife’s mothers cooking that I wear a large while I rubbed on my little belly giggling. Dave went around the corner of the shop and came back with my brand new Bike Barn Jersey to wear during my riding endeavors, it is awesome and fits very well. Huge thanks to Dave, Mary, and all of the staff at Bike Barn of Phoenix for always being so good to us! I plan to wear this new jersey as often as it is clean enough to wear.

With my new jersey put on over my other shirt, Annika and I started to head out for some more riding. She wanted to try her bike in areas that she usually rides to see the difference between the feel of the new bike and her mountain bike. Every few minutes Annika would say how much she loved her new bike and how much better it rode as well as felt better for her. It was a great ride especially when I got to see her smile the whole time.

We finished our ride and decided that we deserved a nice after ride snack so we headed over to Oreganos for a heck-of-a-slice lunch special each followed by excellent service. While we enjoyed our meal we started talking about an awesome local bike in GlendaleRoadrunner Bike Center” that when we were looking for Annika’s new bike went the extra mile to try and help. Brian of Roadrunner Bike Center in Glendale Arizona was one of the shops that we called when we were trying to find someone who had or could order Annika’s new bike. When we first spoke to Brian on the phone, he didn’t have one and wasn’t a deal but he was extremely nice and wished he could’ve helped us out. A couple of hours later in the day after Annika had found a shop that could help and placed her order we received a voicemail from Brian. Roadrunner Bike Center had made the steps to Officially become a Salsa dealer so that he could help her get her new bike if she couldn’t find it elsewhere. Wow was all that we could say and at the time we couldn’t get right back to his call due to the hour of the day so we decided to make sure and thank him. Yesterday we drove down to Roadrunner Bike Center of Glendale to personally meet Brian and shake his hand for doing that and when we arrived at the bike shop it was like visiting family, the shop was awesome and Brian was an amazing guy to get to know.

During our search for Annika’s new Salsa bike, 3 bike shops out of almost 50 really stood out from them all. Bike Barn of Phoenix all though having their hands tied on even being able to order this bike tried everything to get it. They called other shops for us, they tried to work out something with Salsa themselves; Bike Barn went above and beyond and their only goal was that no matter what that Annika got the bike she wanted. We love Bike Barn of Phoenix and are thankful to call them our Official Bike Shop. Arizona Cyclist of Tucson is where we ended up getting Annika’s new Salsa bike, Ryan went above and beyond to make sure that over the phone the bike Annika wanted was ordered, built, and ready to roll out the door a few days later. Then Roadrunner Bike Center Brian who went a became a dealer for the brand on the just in case that Annika couldn’t find her bike elsewhere.  These three bike shops are great representations of awesome bikes shop and not only that but a display of what all good businesses should be. We highly recommend these 3 bike shops for all of your bike needs and huge thanks to them all for their EPICNESS!

Now that yesterday is basically covered other than that we watched an awesome movie titled “Peppermint” which uses the story of the “Crow” and makes it their own; good stuff and a great way to reuse that story. Today’s goal is to rest my body while I work on the Podcast that comes out tomorrow. We cannot wait for the 24 Hour Stream on December 15th, 2018 at 6am MST, it’s gonna be a long day in the saddle as I pedal my bike on Zwift through our Twitch Channel. This event is sponsored by Bike Barn of Phoenix, Bottle Spark, and Phlipseyed Clothing Co. I am riding my bike to support 3 charities, Extra-Life (Phoenix Children’s Hospital), StackUp.Org, and St. Judes Research Hospital. This will be our last stream on Twitch due to Cox Communications here in Arizona which is blocking streaming services one by one. We are changing our Internet Service Provider at the end of the month and we will no longer be paying over $180 a month to have streaming services being blocked or hindered. We will be supporting and checking in on awesome Zwift Streamers such as BrokenHipShot, Jangro, and B2Squared who also stream Zwift as often as we can and we highly recommend them to all who are on Twitch and that love Zwift.

After December 15th, we will be focusing on our YouTube channel, our site articles, our Patreon, and our Podcast; that in itself is a lot of things to focus on during the attempt to ride 25,000 miles on a bike during 2019 while doing a lot more things in the process. So the point is, we’re not slowing down on anything; we’re just not going to be streaming on Twitch ever again.

Now let’s get today started, Annika and I have a lot of things to do today however you will see us popping in and out of our favorite streamers channels (listed above). We hope you have an epic adventure today and we’re very thankful that you took the time to read up on what we’re doing.

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