New Podcast day and another day of resting muscles before Saturday

It’s been an epic week, to say the least, and we’ve still got several more days to go. Up until Saturday, I’ve gotta rest my muscles to be ready for a long ride on my bike while at the same time staying physically able to function for such a long duration in the saddle without pulling something. The 24 Hour Stream on Saturday is gonna be a big test of endurance, I’m sure I will be very sore by the end of it. Yesterday I did what was on the list of things today and spent time supporting other Zwift streams while I prepared things for the event on December 15th. I also looked into getting a VPN so that streaming Twitch wouldn’t be an issue since we sadly have Cox Communications as an ISP.

The first VPN was purchased an within minutes there were major issues with the service. Four hours of reaching out to the VPN company IpVanish to find out why everytime the VPN was engaged that my internet speed was in the Kilobytes and nothing was functioning, the ending result was they closed for the day and not once did a support ticket gets answered or acknowledged that one was submitting. It was looking so hot as a choice to have a VPN and to go from 330 mbps upload and 33 mbps download without a VPN to 250 kbps upload to 1.4 mbps upload with VPN was an epic failure, to say the least. After continuously asking for over 4 hours as to what was the issue and their first couple responses were that I shouldn’t be having that experience; we finally had enough and ended service with them.

Annik and I spoke about the VPN known as IPVanish and looked into other options, we googled the top list of them and when I went to ExpressVPN and reached out in chat; we got our answer. I told ExpressVPN the issue that we had experienced and inquired as to would we have the same experience if we bought their service, the answer was no. Annika and I decided to purchase the ExpressVPN and within minutes everything was running with no problems. Our internet speed did change a little bit but hardly enough to notice and we had no problems with connection issues, web pages not loading etc; and support was right there for any questions.

During having IPVanish when doing a test stream on Twitch the drop frames were much worse with the VPN activated, we also could hardly even open Google in a browser. Once we had ExpressVPN we did a test stream and had no issues, no drop frames; in fact, ExpressVPN is running at the moment and all is running perfectly like it should. The breakdown is simple, IPVanish absolutely no and ExpressVPN absolutely Yes.

On a brighter note today is new Podcast day and due to trying to get a resolution with IPVanish I couldn’t get it finished yesterday so I have to finish it this morning. The new Podcast will be up by the afternoon and today will be a day of getting things done around the house while I get some work done. Huge shoutouts to BottleSpark, Bike Barn of Phoenix and Phlipseyed Clothing Co for the support with the 24 Hour Stream on December 15th, 2018 at 6am MST. We hope everyone has an epic adventure day and thanks so much for reading.

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