Tomorrow is the big day, Our last day on Twitch and a 24 Hour Stream on Zwift

Yesterday has been and gone and here we are, It’s Friday morning 28 hours until the 24 Hour Stream begins. Now yesterday may have passed but it was fun while I rested my legs in preparation for Saturday mornings Zwift Stream. Thursday afternoon I launched the stream on Twitch as a test to make sure all was ready and the fun started right away. Jangro and B2Squared hopped into voice chat on our Discord Server with me and we had a lot of laughs while chatting with others in the Twitch chatroom. It was an awesome feeling to be able to share what we’re doing with several new viewers who stopped in to ask what the timezone was for the event on Saturday while I realized the title didn’t have that listed. The test stream was fun, to say the least, and everything worked out well so we are ready to do our Final Twitch Stream Saturday morning (December 15th, 2018 6am MST).

24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life
24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life

Why are we leaving Twitch? They’re many reasons that we have reached our limits with Twitch however I’d say most important is that we will be too busy with our YouTube stuff and the riding goal of 25,000 miles in a single year. The second reason is the throttling of bandwidth when trying to stream since we’re in Arizona and have Cox Communications as an ISP. The third reason is Twitch Support, they have the worst support of any company on the planet, it has taken them as long as 2 years to respond to a ticket and still didn’t answer the question. The 4th reason and I’ll make this the last one to list, the Twitch community. We’ve witnessed many things on Twitch over the years including staff violating the rules however that wasn’t some of the worst of it. We’ve seen first hand how a large portion of the Twitch community can be a big swarm of toxicity. To date some of the people who were extremely rude to us a couple years back still pop up every now and then to pretend that nothing ever happens and that’s most of the community, it’s a drama game and it’s worthless for anyone to want to be a part of let alone to condone or support. Twitch is supposed to be a place for people to share with others and build communities and not a place of hatred, vulgar behavior, and vile language. So in short, no more Twitch for us after this 24 hour Stream.

Over the years on Twitch we’ve found a small handful of people who we consider family and we’ve found several really great content creators in which we follow and support. Twitch isn’t all bad, it just has a very large part of it that needs some major cleaning up.

Now onto better things. In 2019 it will be the start of us filming our bike riding and outdoor adventures. We will be using a drone, a GoPro, and a few cameras to document our travels by bikes and other adventures throughout Arizona and eventually the world. We aim to release 1 video per month as completed short film of our adventures which will be part of our own series. While working on the series of videos for our Official YouTube channel I will be working on riding my bike 25,000 miles over the course of the 365 days in 2019. We will also be visiting and hiking every area that we can cover until we eventually visit every enjoyable place within Arizona. So, we will be way too busy than to be able to stream on Twitch let alone on the road so much that we won’t be at home long enough to stream on the platform.

Today is Friday and it’s now 2:18am, 1 cup of coffee down and looking forward to my second. I’m looking over today’s plan before resting a lot before tomorrow morning. I knocked out a lot yesterday and on time, the new Podcast launched, the stories put out and I spent time with our friends which followed with a long nap. Today the plan is just as simple however a lot more food intake will take place. After this article is live it’ll be time for me to do the normal things around the house while I look over the workload and prepare things for the entire weekend since I’ll be pedaling and won’t have a lot of time to much else.

I’ve debated that if I were to be able to get an article out for Saturday and Sunday and honestly I’m not going to attempt trying. This is the last article for the weekend and the next one will release on Monday morning when things go back to normal. Tomorrow will be fully about riding my bike for the 24 hours while I attempt to ride at least 300 miles during the 24 Hour Charity Stream on our Twitch Channel. The plan is that I’ll ride 100-120 miles then take a few minutes to refill my water, a quick restroom break and I’ll be back to riding another 100-120 miles and this will be the cycle. A few streamers will pop in and out of voice with me during the time such as BrokenHipShot, Jangro, and B2Sqaured. Also, I welcome others on Twitch that love Zwift to stream what I’m doing as well, for example, You may launch your stream while broadcast you watching me on Zwift. My biggest goal in doing this stream is to help to grow the Zwift Community on Twitch while helping to raise funds for the 3 charities (Phoenix Children’s Hospital, St. Judes Research Hospital, and StackUp.Org). While I ride my bike on Zwift for the 24 Hours, if someone wants to send tips to me to go towards bike repairs, snacks, hydration or other items; they may use the Tip option and it is much appreciated. Every little bit helps, besides riding my bike will be what I do fulltime in the coming years.

Now let’s get Friday rocking and get ready to have some fun on Saturday, December 15th, 2018 starting at 6am MST on our Twitch Channel. Remember our 24 Hour Stream is sponsored by Bike Barn of Phoenix, BottleSpark, and Phlipseyed Clothing Co. with the assistance of 3 awesome streamers; BrokenHipShot, Jangro, and B2Squared. Have an epic day today and we look forward to seeing you in the Twitch Chat; thanks for reading and being a part of our adventure.

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  1. What are your Zwift user names? I’ll add you as a friend so I can see when you’re riding and maybe join you for a couple of miles if I can. Have a great one!

      1. That’s midnight tonight to midnight Sunday night here. Hope to catch you out there. If I can’t, I’ll be sure to throw a Ride On your way!

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