Let’s get this 24 Hour Stream rolling

Happy Saturday everyone! Today at 6am MST starts our last stream on Twitch and we’re ending our Twitch stream with a bang. Today I (Matty) and pedaling my bike on my indoor trainer which is a Wahoo Kickr Snap with the goal to ride at least 300 miles before 6am MST on Sunday morning. To answer right away the question that we keep getting and asked as well as we have answered:

  • Am I going to take breaks during the stream?

    • Yes, I will stop a few minutes as needed for restroom breaks and/or water refills, my breaks will not last longer than 5-10 minutes if that. I aim to do my breaks every 100-120 miles but ya never know what could happen during such a long time on a bike.
  • Why am I doing this 24 Hour Stream?

    • My goal is to inspire others to ride their bikes, if not outside then to try Zwift and to help the Zwift Community on Twitch.
  • Who are the sponsors for this 24 Hour Twitch Stream?

  • Recommended Zwift Streamers on Twitch? (the below streamers are also assisting with this stream as they can by riding here and there and most of all being good friends)

  • What Charities am I riding to support? You may click on the names below to submit donations to the charities.)

  • Can I support the Rider (Matty) individually?

    • Yes, You may and any support is very much appreciated. You may use any of the following choices to support MattyAndAnnika Directly.
  • Why are we leaving Twitch?

  • How to find us on Zwift and Strava?

Now hopefully I’ve covered a large portion of the questions above, one other one is that everyone wants to know my Zwift Setup. To see my Zwift setup you may in Twitch Chat type in !bikes to get the link or click here.

Time to knock out some miles, this is a personal achievement as I am planning to ride my bike a minimum of 300 miles and I will end the stream at 6am MST on Sunday morning; hopefully, I reach more miles than that. If you’d like to support what we’re doing such a subscribing, do not subscribe to us on Twitch as we will never see the earnings. Become a Patreon and select the level in which You’d like to support and get access to the early stuff. Thanks for your time and consideration and I hope you have an epic day.

Here are our Current Patreon Supporters and we can’t thank them enough!


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  1. It was a pleasure to ride with you on your Marathon Zwift today Matty !! Keep going ….. You’re doing great !! Wishing you all the best my strong friend

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