We had to cut the 24 Hour Stream in half due to cycling Injury.

The 24 Hour stream was a BLAST, to say the least. The stream did get shortened due to cycling injury which almost caused me to fall off the bike as I began screaming on the microphone. Lots of people were in and out of our stream channel bouncing between Jangro’s stream and BrokenHipShot’s channel since they each rode some of the miles with me, it was epic. Several of my Strava friends popped in to ride with us like Diana Rac3R and GSW_Bike, the ride was going off perfectly or for the most part.

Now there were several technical difficulties that were happening through the entire ride, the trainer kept disconnecting (due to Zwift’s recent Update), and the new trainer tire went flat and was going flat for the first 50 miles making it hard to go fast at all. About 115 miles into the ride a sharp pain shot down my leg and I stopped for a quick break to grab a HOTSHOT to make the muscle quit hurting, it stopped within minutes and I was back on the bike however something kept hurting my backend and I couldn’t figure out why other than I kept having to readjust my placement. I went through 3 pairs of shorts to make sure that I was staying clean due to all of the sweat and when I went to swap to the 3rd pair blood was running down my legs. Big saddle sores were the reason why I was having an issue riding. I managed to ride to 150 miles of the 300 miles that I was aiming for and after my sores are healed up I plan to come back and continue another 150 miles to go towards the same charities. Tonight was awesome and I can’t thank EVERYONE involved enough!

Hugs to PimpLeff who rode with me through the last 10 miles, and to all of the awesome people who sent Bits and Subscribed and most of all Jangro, BrokenHipShot, B2Squared, and the awesome sponsors that helped to make it all happen.

To be continued very soon…

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  1. Matty, that was EPIC, even having to cut it short. So sorry it ended with blood.

    I’ll be watching for your ass/saddle on eBay like we discussed during the ride. 😉

  2. Was watching your progress via the companion app and was planning on joining you later on. Great effort and sorry to hear you couldn’t keep going. Health comes first! Catch you out there next time! 🙂

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