After this 150-mile bike ride, we went for a short bike ride and a hike

The 24 Hour Stream was cut short due to injury however it was completely off the chain. So much positive feedback poured in during the stream, before the stream and is still pouring in. We’ve had hundreds of requests for us to stay on Twitch streaming even if it were to be one day a week. We are going to look over our schedule and see if it is at all possible to stay on Twitch for at least 1 day a week and we will post a status regarding this very soon. Since I was injured during the stream I am planning to make a come back after the Holidays to do a 14 Hour Zwift ride Stream to continue where we left off.

During the stream, several friends joined me in the ride on Zwift, several watched through Twitch, and several watched through their companion app or other. Our friends from Strava and Zwift were all over the place showing the love and being supporting, it was an epic fun time.

Yesterday right after a short rest from riding on the indoor trainer for 9 hours and 50 minutes, Annika and I woke to head out for a short bike ride followed by a short hike. It was a morning of a lot of muscle aches and pains but at the same time, it was time to push through it and work on the other muscle groups. We’ve received a lot of awesome messages from friends around the world checking in on me to see the status and everyone was just mind boggled that this event happen let alone how well it all went.

During our morning ride, it was so hard to sit on my seat, people who haven’t ridden on Zwift or just a stationary bike wouldn’t realize how much harder it is to stay in one place for such a long distance. Riding indoors or on a stationary is very different from riding a bike outside, it is also very limiting to how to stay cool; long hows in the saddle on an indoor are just painful but it was something that I just had to do. I’m looking forward to a few days of riding outside so that my rear can heal up, we’ve also ordered me another saddle that won’t be so uncomfortable during these long rides. The new saddle that we ordered at Bike Barn of Phoenix will arrive Wednesday and I certainly cannot wait for it to be here, they even measured my buns; that was interesting.

The morning bike ride was slow and painful but I did manage to ride a little over 10 miles. After the bike ride and some errands, we made it out to the Lost Dog Wash TrailHead to do a couple mile hike. The day ended with a family get together for dinner and finally a nice sleep. A perfect day after a very perfect stream!

Huge thanks to all who supported the 24 Hour Stream, sponsors, friends, cyclist, bloggers, family, Patron Supporters; you all made everything amazing!

More to come and we hope you enjoyed this mornings update, happy holidays and we wish you an epic adventure today.

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  1. Riding indoors is way more difficult. I manage an hour max on the home trainer, and Zwift or whatever wouldn’t make any difference. Give me the open road every time.

    1. 100% agree lol. i love outside, the trainer can be very painful. my wife came in and said “you can do 200 miles in 10 hours” why is it taking so long to get to 150 lol.

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