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What a day to sleep in a little! This morning we slept in a bit, when we sleep in it means we stay asleep past 1am. So, after we woke at 4am, we started getting our coffee ready to start the new morning. Our dog as always was looking at me with that pouty face with her little growl to say “Da Faq” as she wanted to go outside; the morning began at that moment. Let’s go over yesterday before we lay today’s plans out.

Yesterday was a chill day so that I could rest my sore spots and it did help a lot. I got a bit of work down in the office and spent some time supporting some of our awesome Zwift fam on Twitch such as Jangro, BrokenHipShot, and later on B2Squared as he played some League of Legends. After some time supporting the streams, it was a relaxing time as my dog and I chilled out a bit to watch some of our favorite shows on Netflix and Amazon. So yesterday was pretty chill and in between Annika and I focused on Christmas stuff that had to get done while we window shopped for more bikes and more bike gear for future Bikepacking.

Today the plan is set in stone and we’re pretty excited about it. This morning will start with a long outside adventure bike ride. We plan to ride to almost Chandler city line and then back up into Tempe lake area to ride through the Airport path down into Phoenix and back up into Scottsdale. Once we complete our morning bike ride the goal is to go out for a nice Hike, we feel like heading over to Tom’s Thumb Trailhead to actually hike Tom’s Thumb today.

One more thing I wanted to point out for today. Huge thanks go out to Jangro for joining our Patreon Fam by becoming a Patron Supporter.

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