Tom Thumb’d Us | Hiking Tom’s Thumb after an almost 27-mile bike ride

Yesterday was yet another epic adventure and we took the whole day by the horns. After we had our coffee and prepped the bikes for our adventure road bike ride, we geared up to attempt a weather test. It was in the low 40’s as we rode our bikes around a few blocks to see how our layers would hold up. Our layers didn’t hold up as every layer I have is cooling so it felt like I was riding with nothing on so we headed back in for another hour. The morning started warming up so we then proceeded to head towards Tempe Lake to ride the airport trail, so off we went.

Seeing Annika’s progression and happiness with her new bike is an awesome feeling. She spent her first year of having a bike with minimal time to be able to ride due to her schedule and now she has a bit more time with her latest promotion. A few days a week Annika has gotten in her new schedule to get on her new bike and she is taking every moment she can to strengthen up and work towards being a climber, she is doing it too. We flew through the Airport trail like it was nothing. We rode at a simple pace, not too fast and not too slow; just enough to be comfortable. On the way back I watching Annika through my mirror as she climbed 68th and you could see it in her eyes of her happiness with her new Salsa. The morning was certainly ours for the taking as the moment we made it back home we grabbed our hiking gear and jumped in the car.

We were riding towards Tom’s Thumb Trailhead as this was the trail we planned to tackle and we got a notification that our friend Jangro streaming. We turned on Twitch on my phone and ran the audio Bluetooth through the car so that while we had service we could be there to show some support. The signal dropped as we got closer to Tom’s Thumb Trailhead but we did get to tell our friend hi before it shut off.

When we arrived at Tom’s Thumb Trailhead we started looking up trying to figure out how on Earth were we supposed to get up there as we debated “did we bite off more than we could chew?“. From the ground it looked like a straight up shot to the top which was very steep, however, the trail that took us up there was probably steeper in sections and extremely harder than we had anticipated.

When we first started the hike we took a few photos and done a quick video to say how steep it was, well that was extremely flat compared to what was to come. In some parts of the trail it felt like we were gonna need climbing gear and in other areas, we did have to climb up over big rocks; this was an epic trail to hike. When we got to the 1-hour point of hiking we felt like we had climbed for 10 miles, this was an intense hike and climb. Many people were stopping in the same lookout point resting, all debating if they should turn back or not. We even debated heading back and coming back on another day but we decided that we should try to go a little further as we looked up to see the trail route and down to see where we came from.

It was an amazing feeling to keep looking back down the mountain to see where we were as we progressed through the trail. 2 miles into the trail and still Tom’s Thumb looked so far away as we saw the trail edging around through the rocks, we still kept hiking. We kept telling each other that no matter what it took we were not going to give up and we didn’t. When we got to Tom’s Thumb it was an amazing feeling, huge Falcons were flying around the area as we climbed over and through the big rocks to get over to the entry point. We immediately could look “WAY Down” and see how far we came and it was an epic view as we slowly looked towards Tom’s actual Thumb and it was a very beautiful site. We cracked jokes and congratulate each other along with others who had made it to the top, it was time to chug some water and head back down.

This was one of the best Hikes that we have done so far, and we have several videos coming to our YouTube very soon. For now here is the video from when we made it to Tom’s Thumb, we hope you enjoyed this adventure with us by the story and we wish you an epic adventure today.


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