Recovery Bike ride and prepare for the week

Yesterday we were on a mission to get things done around our place so that we could get a quick recovery bike ride in. It’s been a busy couple weeks getting ready for the holidays and even though everything such as holiday things were taking place, we weren’t missing out on doing some bike rides or hiking.

Our morning bike ride was short and fun as I took Annika up toward Paradise Valley to work on her climbing, she is getting very comfortable with her new Salsa. Each day that Annika and I are able, we’re either working on riding, hiking, or working out to be stronger and ready to do so. During our bike ride yesterday I took her up to Sage which is a very steep climb so that she could see it and try a little bit of it. We didn’t go to the top of Sage, we simply did a small portion of it for fun; it was fun.

When we finished up a bit of climbing on Sage we proceeded through some of the Paradise Valley bike route so that she could try it out, it was her first time in the area by bike. We climbed a few hills and then started to head back to Old Town Scottsdale. We put our bikes away and then proceeded out the door to run some of our errands, one of which was to pick up the new Bicycling Magazine that has a featured article on Lael Wilcox. A few days ago Lael and Rue mentioned that the feature was 6 pages long so we wanted to go pick up a copy to show some support for them. We had searched all over stores in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and more and couldn’t find anyone who sold Bicycling Magazine until we finally decided to try Barnes and Noble which turns out to be almost the only place that carries it locally. We almost give up on finding the magazine locally and were attempting online when Rue replied to us to give us some ideas of where else to check for it; we found it and are very to have a copy.

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Picked up our copy of Bicycling Magazine which oddly was hard to find in Scottsdale Arizona, only found it in Barnes and Noble.

Now that we found our copy of Bicycling Magazine we needed to wash our car from all of the dirt since we had been packing up the bikes and hiking, our car gets washed like 3 to 4 times a week. The car was clean and time to do the shopping for the week and pick up some Cock n Bull Ginger Soda on the way back home. Some of our errands couldn’t get done due to running out of time and that mail has already started getting behind schedule. We mailed out Christmas cards to our Patreon supporters and called Bike Barn to see if my new saddle had arrived yet and it hadn’t; bike fitting and new saddle installation will have to be another day.

Enough errands for the day and it was time to just slow down a moment, our every day seems to never slow down and we’re always doing something while something else is pending to start’ it was Netflix and Chill time.

Dinner and a movie were all we were gonna focus on and honestly, there’s nothing on Netflix or Amazon Prime that is new that is worth watching. We decided to check out some more Bikepacking with Iohan Gueorguiev (The Bike Wanderer).

The day was slowing down as we chatted about our up and coming bike adventures and of course more bikes to come, which now leads us to the plans for today.

Today we’ve got a lot to get done, the new podcast releases later today and we have quite a bit of work to do. I was aiming to try and ride indoors on Zwift however giving a load of things on my list today It will be quite difficult. Today’s plan is to get things caught up and continue to prepare for what we’re doing starting January 1st, 2019.

January 1st, 2019 starts the first day towards my goal of riding 25,000 miles on my bike for the year. This also starts one of our plans which is to work on our YouTube SeriesExploring Arizona by Bike“, along with trying to visit every city in Arizona by bike. Exploring Arizona will be an ongoing project for a few years being that we plan to hike every trail, bike to every city, snowboard every area possible, and visit every fun place until we see it all. We’re incorporating a GoPro and a Drone into our outside bike adventures so that we can capture some really cool stuff for our videos.

Now as for Twitch, after the holidays we will begin streaming on Twitch at least 1 day a week, we’re still uncertain as to which day it will be until the holidays are passed. Being that it is winter time and it will be cool outside until at least the end of February, I’ll be doing a bit of indoor riding to keep up with my mileage goal. We aim to do a big ride (Annika and I) at least twice a month, more to come as details are available.

Okay so now we’re basically caught up and it is time for me to get the Podcast finished and released for all to hear. Thanks for reading and we wish you an epic adventure today.

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