The New Podcast is live and today is a good day to ride my bike

The weather has certainly made a change in the way a day feels, we get so tired when it’s cold especially when staring at a pillow. After the New Podcast was finished yesterday and all the stuff around the house was done, it was time to chill out a bit. My dog was tired from the schedule flip and I was just worn out in general from all of the riding, hiking, and changing my sleep schedule so much for the weekend stream. I ended up after everything was caught up, taking a nap yesterday and I do believe I needed it. I was watching my friend BrokenHipShot stream on Twitch and by the time I was about an hour into it I had passed out.

After a quick power nap, I decided that the day was gonna be chill and through the holidays it was certainly time to be relaxing so that we’re rested up for January 1st. Annika and I started dinner which was a breakfast night and I checked on my new Power Saddle‘s arrival (still not arrived yet). A little bit later and I got the text from John to see if we were gonna ride together this weekend.

Good morning and yes John and I are going to ride our bikes together today, Saturday, and Sunday; Annika will be with us on Sunday. I’m not certain where we’re going to ride to today, more than likely Paradise Valley route, if not I’m down to ride pretty much anywhere. Saturday should ve Fountain Hills route and Sunday is our usual chill Sunday. It’s so hard to think that Xmas is next week……

This coming week we will do our best to keep everyone posted as to what’s going on with us and what the plans are, however it is the Holiday season so things can get in the way; we will do our best to post each day per our goal. Hugs to you all and thanks for the epic support, we hope that everyone has an awesome holiday season.

One last thing for today that I should mention, we’re about to start a Movie night with Patreon Supporters. All Patreon Supporters will have access to a movie on our personal Movie server to watch at any time during each month, details will be up on Patreon soon. Hugs and have an epic adventure today.

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