My new saddle arrived and today I’m going to pick it up

I had intended on riding my bike yesterday and had everything out an ready to go, however, due to the saddle sores from our Twitch Stream December 15th I couldn’t get on my bike. A few scabs that are in heal mode are keeping me from hopping on to my bike and riding down the road and I cannot wait for them to be fully healed. Since the live stream on Twitch, I’ve been riding minimally which bums me out given the downtime; sort of pointless to ride in the saddle so long to not be able to ride for a while afterward. Indoor cycling isn’t that fun for long distance and as you can see it has a tendency to slow down the growth or progression which this leads me to my interest or none interest in Zwift.

Zwift to me isn’t an all the time thing, I Zwift indoor to allow me the ability to enjoy riding my bike when the weather keeps me from being outside. I don’t have an interest to race indoor and given the fact that so many Zwift riders tend to be digital doping to live life as a cheater it sort of defeats the purpose of riding as a whole. Every day that I look at my Zwift account I wonder to myself why I even keep it and typically I shut off auto billing since I hardly use it, this month I got Zwift only for the purpose of riding indoors for charity which I only rode on Zwift for 2 days.

In 2019 I debate each day as to how often that I will need to have Zwift and I can only imagine using it if and when I stream on Twitch, or when it is too cold during the winter months. I plan to take this Zwift relationship one day at a time based on a need basis, which leads me to the rider type. I’ve mentioned many times that I’m not a standard rider type that fits into the Dope Du France cyclist mentality. I call it that due to the fact that in that form of cycling 99% of those involved are doping which does include people that dope in real life to attend their local coffee shop group rides to make themselves feel or look better. When I think of bike racing I think of the fraud that takes place across the globe a small example would be Lance Armstrong, the charity, the conspiracy; the way one cyclist was pointed out to take the fall instead of every cyclist in the industry that was doping to be there too. That part of cycling makes me sick to my stomach and it isn’t cycling to me at all, it’s a bad joke played on the world to rip people off while companies smile and pretend to be doing something good in the world until they each get caught with their pants down to lean the blame back and forth till the last one falls and then rinse and repeat in the next season.

Cycling to me is the enjoyment and freedom of being on my bike and having no actual destination or time to return; it’s happiness. Riding a bike shouldn’t be a hole in your wallet, an attitude problem, or to live a life as an asshat in society. There shouldn’t be that requirement upon the purchase of an expensive bike to instantly be a rude prick to fit into your local bike group ride. We love bikes and we’re sad to see such idiocy in human beings revolving around this sport so we don’t look at it as a sport nor do we consider the TV version of cycling of any real interest given the hypocrisies involved. We simply get on our bike and go have fun which leads me to my feelings on group rides.

We’ve slowly stepped further and further from riding in group rides and have stepped 100% away from organized rides like Ironman, Trans AM Bike Race and more. Ironman, Trans AM and many others have simply turned into a money racket and we don’t look at it with any seriousness let alone have any respect for the organizations within it. As for the routes, we’re 100% down to ride them but don’t have an interest in the title or rewards at the end based on the payments or associates that we pay to be a part of, rides like these keep popping up and it is also sucking the life out of the happiness in riding bikes. As for group or club rides, honestly, the local club rides have been like going to an asshole festival. It’s become rare to find nice people and they are typically the ones at the end of the line all together talking about “they won’t ride with this group afterward” as each time the group ride gets smaller. Group rides can be fun and they can also be a really annoying waste of time. When I’ve attended group rides I tend to be the one dropped to the back and assisting those that are new to riding through the route since they had gotten dropped by everyone and left in the middle of the route having no clue how to get back; this happens all the time to newer riders which aren’t a way for newcomers to keep interest in riding their bikes. The downside to this for me is that I don’t end up enjoying my time on a bike such as being able to ride, I do meet good people but it turns into a social gathering and less pedaling. Given everything I said above, I won’t be riding with groups anymore. I don’t mind riding with a few friends from time to time, however, I plan to be spending the most time on my bike enjoying being on it and riding to wherever it takes me on that day.

Annika and I love our bikes because we can get on them and just go. Wherever and whatever city we reach during a ride is what happens. We love to go out in the world and enjoy it, we don’t like to ride a standard route and stop every 10 minutes for 30-minute chats about things that have nothing to do with what we’re doing at that time. Happiness on our bikes comes from the peaceful mindset of allowing our thoughts to wonder while we absorbed the environment and scenery around us. It’s about getting away from the noise of the world and the chatter of the social networks of digital lifestyles; it’s about turning off the messaging devices and having a real conversation while riding into the middle of wherever.

Point of the story is this, 2019 we will be riding a lot more and a lot further during our daily riding. During our riding, we will not be riding in large groups or organized pay to be a part of bike rides. Our adventures and goals are for our personal interest and nothing more. Being happy on our bikes are the reason we have them and the only reason to ride them.

On that note, Ride On my friends out in the world and make the best of your bike ride. Have an epic day and have an amazing and safe holiday. Oh and yes, my new saddle arrived and I’m going today to have it installed; hugs and thanks to Bike Barn of Phoenix.

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