Happy Holidays Everyone!

Yesterday was a bit abnormal as I rode down to Bike Barn to get my new saddle, the Power Arc Expert that was ordered for me. As usual, Dave took care of me and installed the new saddle, a few things took place as we chatted about the 24 Hour Stream and I headed out back home to try the new saddle. In route home over the 7.5 to 8 miles, my rear was on fire as the new saddle had already started showing the positioning needed to be adjusted. I told myself that after Annika and I were both got home that we’d do a fitting to make sure that the saddle was in the proper alignment and all would be good.

Annika and I started repositioning the new saddle within the next few hours and we decided to kick back and relax for the rest of the night. I did stream a couple short streams on Twitch yesterday but not long enough to even matter.

Right now everything is a bit on the rushed end of things since it’s the holidays and it is all about family now. Annika and I are gonna try and get in a bike ride here and there over the next few days all depending on when and where we are at the time. We also plan to do a bit of hiking this week as the schedule allows. No matter how the week goes with being able to ride or hike or not, most importantly this week is all about family.

This morning we’re heading out for a quick bike ride with our friend John. Annika and I hope to get in 25-30 miles on our bike today and maybe get some time to hike a few miles. We’re also planning for maybe next Saturday to do a long ride together to Tom’s Thumb on our bike and back which in total is 60 miles; Annika’s longest single ride is 41 miles. So this is the basis of the ride and hike plan over this week, ride and hike when we can as long as it doesn’t interfere with family plans

On that Note: Happy Holidays to Everyone! I can’t believe that Xmas is already here and we’re just around the corner from yet another year. Many of our friends and family have already started calling and checking in, lots are traveling’ please be safe out on the roads during this season. We wish you all an epic Holiday Season and hope everyone has a lot of wonderful times with family and friends. We will post each morning as planned and will be preparing for January 1st to start the awesomeness for 2019.

So sorry for the article to be a bit random, we’re heading out to ride in a few moments after coffee, hugs everyone. 🙂

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