Fun with ducks on an epic bike ride

What an epic day to ride our bikes it was. Yesterday Annika and I met up with John to do our chillin Sunday ride together and it turned out to be so much more fun than normal. Instead of doing the Airport route we decided to go East on the trail into Mesa. When we got as far as Mesa, John thought the route ended and was about to turn around; he didn’t know that the route continued. When Annika and I first started riding we couldn’t find out how this route continued, however, a friend took me with him through this route a while back and it goes all the way into Gilbert and more. I had John and Annika follow me as I took them through the connections to get back onto the path and it was smooth sailing.

Adventure Cycling | Gilbert Arizona | MattyAndAnnika
Adventure Cycling | Gilbert Arizona | MattyAndAnnika

We rode our bikes through Mesa and passed the A’s stadium as we continued into the town of Gilbert, what a beautiful path it was. During our bike ride, the conversations were fun and Annika realized that by doing this ride that she would reach the furthest distance that she had ridden in a single ride.

During the morning bike ride, we pulled over for a moment to take some photos and when we stopped a gang of ducks came up towards us. The ringleader of the ducks made it clear that if we didn’t give him some bread that he was gonna take our bikes, lol. Naah, these little guys were so cute as they came up to see what we were up to and to see if we had any food on us. After a few photos and a video, we headed back towards Tempe to continue our bike ride.

Annika, John and I made it back into Tempe and separated at the bridge so that Annika and I could continue down to the Airport turn off. John headed home so that he could prepare to ride again today while Annika and I rode a little longer before heading back home to Scottsdale. Annika reached her top single ride yesterday that totaled to 42.9 miles and afterward we took the rest of the day to chill out. We had planned to hike but given all of the things we have to do before this afternoon, it was better to rest while we could.

Now today’s plans are pretty busy but do start with a bike ride. This morning Annika, John and I plan to do the same route on our bike with a little bit more miles. After our ride, Annik and I are taking some of the family out for dinner and plan to kick back afterward to rest before our Christmas day Ride right before we head out again with more family. So game on, time to pedal and every chance we can in between family time we aim to be on our bike and/or hopefully hike.

Happy Holidays everyone, be safe on the roads and make the best of every day; hugs and loves from us to you. Thanks for the support.


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