Merry Christmas Everyone

Yesterday was an epic day that started out with a beautiful bike ride with Annika and John. We had planned to ride our bikes out toward Gilbert Arizona again however it seemed like a nice day to ride up toward Fountain Hills and loop into The Lost Dog Wash Trailhead (where we like to hike). Annika has been working towards her climbing since she has gotten her new Salsa Journeyman 650 Sora, so we decided that a nice way to get to climbing would be to go north into Fountain Hills; everyone was on board so we went. The morning started out ice cold in the low 40’s so we bundled up really well and by the time we got to Mountain View it was time to shed some clothes. Everyone was having a blast as we rode up to 124th and Via Linda and then continued up 124th into The Lost Dog Wash Trailhead. Annika and I had been talking about attempting to ride our bikes to here so this was a nice achievement as a team. When we finished the ride up to the trailhead it was time to enjoy the awesome downhill all the way back to Oldtown Scottsdale.

The ride was fun and ended out in a total of 33ish miles of fun, now it’s time to load the car for Xmas family stuff. After we got cleaned up and packed our car we headed out for a quick short errand to pass some time before taking some family out to dinner. Loco Patrõn’s was the choice for the night and we had reservations. When we arrived at Northsight’s Loco Patrõn the place was a bit empty but by far extremely friendly and fun. We grabbed our seats as Jeremy came out to help and the fun began from there. Family night dinner turned out to be epic as the food here was probably some of the best tasting black bean burritos that we’ve ever had, and the staff was wonderful! Jeremy (our waiter) was a bikepacker as well so the conversations were very cool, talking about bikes made our night all the more fun.

After an epic day and night, it was time to get our family back to their place so that we could get some rest for today, which leads me to this post to tell you all “MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us!”.

We did sleep in a lot this morning and once we had gotten our brains awake enough we wanted to take a quick moment to wish you all an epic holiday season and to thank you for the support. Seasons Greetings to you from all of Us! Have an Epic Day.

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