Winter is Officially Here.

Tis’ the season to be cold as F……. Whelp it is Officially winter here in our area as the temperatures are dropping, even more, this week. Looks like for the next couple of weeks I will be riding indoors on Zwift since I don’t quite have the layers needed to be riding my bike outside so early in the morning, however, I will be riding some in the afternoons with Annika in the warmer hours.

Today I plan to get things together around our house in preparation for some bike riding indoors on Zwift and I also plan to take a little ride outside today with John and freeze my rear off depending on if I can stay warm enough. If I don’t make it out with John I do plan on swinging down to Bike Barn of Phoenix later to check in on everyone. Since it is getting a lot colder here I will be jumping on Zwift in the early hours of the day to get a nice ride in towards my 484 miles a week goal beginning January 1st, 2019.

This afternoon at the latest I will release this week’s Podcast as it is not quite ready yet to be published. The holidays have been so busy it feels like we’re on a forever spin cycle trying to catch up. Yesterday I did stream on our Twitch channel a few times off and on as I played a bit of Overwatch.

After a few games mixed between Competitive, Quick Play and Bot matches, it was a chill day binge watching some “Bones” while I spent time with our dog.

Now that the winter is Officially here and the New Year will begin in a few days, we’re preparing to go snowboarding in Flagstaff. Our 11 year anniversary is January 8th and we’re going to go snowboarding at Snow Bowl on the 13th and probably the following week we will go to Jerome to stay in the Grand Hotel (Haunted Hotel). We haven’t set the actual date to make it to the Grand Hotel yet due to our schedule, however, we will be staying there in January as part of our 11-year Anniversary celebration.

In preparation for our snowboarding trip and a visit to Jerome, I will be doing some extra bike riding here and there in January to stay ahead of my monthly goal of 2,083 miles. My plan is to always take on a bit more riding each week to better stay ahead on the just in case something changes during a week such as bad cold or needed a day to rest here and there.

This morning at 8am it will be 40 degrees here and the cycling clothing that I have is for summer, all my layers are for cooling. Basically, when I’m wearing my cycling clothes in the winter I’d be warmer to wear nothing at all. This coming year we will be buying a bit more gear to prepare for colder months and longer travel by bike but at the moment I have to make do with what I have.

It’s time to get the day going here and to prepare my bike for a possible cold morning ride. We wish you an epic adventure day and remember to watch for our Twitch Channel to go live in the early mornings through this cold season. Thanks for the support, and huge thanks goes out to our current Patreon Supporters.

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