Counting down the days till 2019

We’re days away from 2019 as today is December 28th, 2018 and we’re counting down the time to start our goals for the new year. Each morning starts with the thoughts and conversations about which goals are the most important to us for the new year and which goals will sort of blend in with one another. The cold weather right now has sort of altered the beginning of the years outside riding to sort of stuck riding indoors for a week or two; either way I’m still riding my bike. Since it is going to be so cold for the next up to 2 weeks, I will start the New Year with some indoor riding on Zwift and in the afternoons when it is warmer I’ll ride a bit with Annika outside.

We’ve started gearing up a bit to be a bit prepared. I’ve got 10 tires sitting in the bike room for that urgent tire fix, I also have 12 patched tubes and 4 brand new ones to get me started off for a few thousand miles. We got our GoPro for Xmas and we ordered our GoPro Seeker Backpack to help carry the many GoPro’s, Cameras, and other film-related gear yesterday. Our ScanDisk drives should arrive today for the GoPro and we’re looking at purchasing the GoPro Karma over the next couple weeks to be our fulltime drone. Indoor cycling wise, we have everything we need. We have a Wahoo Kickr Snap, a solid brand new trainer tire, and we have two awesome fans to keep me cool. I have recently had a new chain installed and I have a new saddle; last but not least I have an extra cassette in the bike room as an emergency replacement part too. I believe we’re pretty well ready to roll on the 25,000-mile bike riding goal for 2019.

As for our visiting every city in Arizona Goal, this will happen over time. During the warmer months of 2019, we will start venturing out on our bikes to each city in Arizona and slowly mark them off of our list. We hope that we can find postcards per each city however so far some of the cities we’ve visited so far don’t have individual postcards for the area. On the months or days that are too bad of weather to be outside bike riding I will be riding indoors and from time to time streaming it on our Twitch Channel. Streaming on Twitch to us has never had real value or purpose, and nothing has ever come of it so our focus will never fully be on Twitch however our YouTube is a big focus for us from 2019 on.

We’ve been learning more and more about creating videos to better our YouTube Channel, and we have a plan in motion. We’re planning to record a ton of our adventures on bikes, snowboards and while we’re hiking and put together some cool videos in our (in-development) series titled “Exploring Arizona by Bike“. The things we will be doing with our YouTube channel will be a large part of our project-based stuff for the next 5 plus years to come.

Between YouTube, our Podcast, Patreon, and our Website; that’s the most of our focus as our happiness thrives from our passion in bikes, bikepacking, hiking, off-grid living; while sharing it all on those platforms.

Alright, so touching up on yesterday. The new podcast was released and I did try to stream a bit of Overwatch sadly the VPN was having issues and we had tons of more drop frame issues. Today I plan to spend with my dog as she isn’t feeling well while I focus on stretches and preparation for January 1st. Hugs and loves to all who have been supporting, have an epic adventure day.

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  1. I only have one resolve for 2019: spend more time on the bike. However, nothing as ambitious as your 25,000 mile target. The most I’ve done in any year was just over 15,000 km.

    Hope your dog recovers swiftly.

    1. thanks so much sheree. my legs are sore thinking about it lol. my dog has one small kidney and has been undergoing treatment and prescription food etc. she started acting a bit off yesterday, fingers crossed.

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