Still keeping an eye on our dog

Yesterday was a day well spent with our dog. Over the last few months, we’ve been keeping a close eye on our dog as she gets treated for chronic kidney disease. She was born with one kidney smaller than the other and over the last several months it has become an issue as she is getting older.

We’ve been cooking special meals along with her medicines and prescription dog food that we have shipped in every 2 weeks from Our dog is a very happy and spoiled dog, we make sure to spend a large portion of our day showing her how important she is to us since she had been under the weather we’ve doubled this happiness formula.

My day yesterday was spent playing with our dog by rolling around in the floor when she had the energy to playing Overwatch with her in my lap. When Annika and I both were home yesterday, Annika started trying out our GoPro by following our dog around the house which led to our first GoPro video.

Other than spending time with our dog and playing a few games while chilling with her, that was the entire day; she means so much to us. This morning looks to be the same as our little special munchkin is still a bit under the weather so she is our entire focus at the moment. We may stream a bit today while she sleeps on my lap again, otherwise, the day is just keeping her happy and monitoring her while we wait to hear what the vet has to say. Hugs to our awesome supporters, friends, and family who have popped into Discord or Live Twitch to chat with us about her.

Also last night and this morning Strava released the Year in Strava videos so we uploaded them to our YouTube Channel. Now the Year in Strava doesn’t include indoor rides, hiking, snowboarding etc as Strava doesn’t recognize anything other than Run/Swim/Cycling (outside) as a sport in stats.

We hope you enjoy the videos, hugs to our supporters and have an epic adventure today.


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