Getting some things done and our dog is seeming a bit better this morning

Another day has come and gone and it is now December 30th, 2018. Yesterday was spent taking care of our dog as she slowly perked up as the day went by. She was finally up and playing a bit, she started showing signs of being her normal self again. I did stream a little Overwatch yesterday while I cared for her in her time of need.

Our dog is like our child and when something is wrong with her, the world can sit still till we return. This morning she woke up pouncing on us like her normal self. We did sleep in a bit since it was Sunday and it is way too cold to start riding outside. Got our cup of coffee as we debate on the day and what will come of it. We do have plans to ride today but as we sit here looking at the clock versus how cold it is and what all we have to do during the entire day it does look like we may have to pass.

We have a handful of errands to run and we need to go over some things with our GoPro so we may make it up to hike instead, all depending on how our dog is feeling. Today could be a nice day for errand running, some indoor gaming and more time with our dog, we’re playing it all by ear. No matter how we plan things today or tomorrow, the riding goal of 25,000 miles for 2019 starts Tuesday, so between now and then we’re knocking everything else out of the way so nothing interferes. We posted a few YouTube videos this week along with the new Podcast, we’ve also streamed more than 5 times; now we’re focusing entirely on 2019.

More to come tomorrow, today is still in the air. Have an epic adventure day and if you’d like to get involved in our nuttiness, become a Patreon today.

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