Adventure Day with a GoPro and Bikes

It’s Adventure Cycling Day with a GoPro! Yesterday was a chill day as we ran several errands, shopping at Costco, Bike Barn of Phoenix, and REI of Chandler. We picked up all of our groceries for the month at Costco and Fry’s after picking up some munchies at Bike Barn while visiting Dave; but before that, we were at our favorite REI in Chandler. REI in Chandler had some good deals going on and with our membership, it made things even more interesting for us to shop the cycling clothing section. We needed warm clothes to ride our bikes and given the top name brands that we trust and enjoy, we were able to find them and save some change.

GoPro | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
GoPro | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

We picked up some REI warm cycling pants each, some Marshmallow treats and some Chimes. We did look into some new gloves, socks, and several other things on our up and coming purchase list; however today it was just the essentials. The game plan was to make sure we can keep warm so that we can do some adventure riding today.

This morning it’s a simple task, ready the bikes, enjoy our coffee, and head off into wherever towards Santan Arizona. We’re gonna take our GoPro to do a little bit of filming as we work our way by bike down through Gilbert in hopes to reach Santan and then back to Scottsdale. Doing this route we will go through some of Tempe, some of Mesa, Gilbert, and then Santan along with a few other places in between. We can’t wait to see how far of a trip this is and how much we’re able to film in the process.

Today we’re heading out for an adventure bike ride, just Annika and I and we cannot wait to get on the road. Gearing up, turning on the lights and “OH MY! It’s Cold!, lol”; see ya soon.

Have an epic day everyone, and thanks so much for the support. Hugs, we will be back later.

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