Ended 2018 with an awesome Adventure Bike Ride with a GoPro

December 31st was epic, to say the least as Annika and I headed out for an epic adventure bike ride from Scottsdale through Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler in hopes to make it to Santan and back before the weather hit. During our bike ride we took our GoPro on its first voyage to work on material for our YouTube channel, yes we’re beginners at this but it is so fun learning. We rode our bikes in a chill mode as we took in the scenery, we ran into so many really nice people on the route as we screamed out Happy New Years to everyone we came across. We were having so much fun that even when I ran into duck poop and it landed on my new REI Cycling pants I just shrugged it off as we continued to laugh. We rode a total of 50-51 miles in total and didn’t’ quite make it to Santan as the weather was really moving in fast. 25 miles out from our home we decided that it was plenty as a first attempt and that it was best to head back from that point and that we’d continue again riding the same path today (January 1st, 2019); Happy New Year btw.

When we made it back home and finished our showers we had to run out of the house for a quick errand when we saw it was raining like crazy outside. We literally would’ve been stuck in a raining mess if we would’ve ridden any further out and, to top things off, it was snowing here in Scottsdale Arizona as of 1:30pm MST December 31st, 2018.

During our bike ride, we got to see cows, horses, goats, peacocks, chickens; what an awesome difference in scenery throughout the journey. From Scottsdale to Chandler and back we only ran across 3 Sca-Douchebags, all 3 were on mountain bikes; what pricks but no matter we had a blast.

So we didn’t make it all the way to Santan but Annika did achieve her longest single bike ride and today (January 1st) we plan to try to make it all the way to Santan in hopes to buy a Postcard from the journey. We literally have to ride all the way to where we made it yesterday and then ride about 10 more miles and we will be in Santan, maybe a little more. So the goal today is to ride 60ish miles which will allow us to go from Scottsdale to Santan and back and when we return home I plan to ride on Zwift and stream on our Twitch Channel probably 20 miles or more before we get ready to head out for dinner with family. After all my goal in 2019 is to ride at least 484 miles a week, every week to reach a total goal by the end of the year of 25,000 miles by bike.

As for our YouTube channel, we are working daily towards making better and better videos, and we’re slowly buying all of the gear needed as we have the extra fund. All of the mounts, more cameras, a drone and more; we hope to be able to document nicely our travels bike and share at least 1 fairly done video per month while we learn and experiment. If you’d like to help us with our goals then consider becoming a Patreon, Subscribing to our YouTube Channel, Subscribe to our Twitch, or Supporting our Podcast. Huge thanks to all who currently support, you can check them out on our Sponsors page. To keep up with what we’re doing on a basic level check out our Schedule Page.

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