January 1st, 2019, we dropped the hammer we rode through several cities on our bikes

We started out 2019 already with an epic adventure bike ride through several cities on January 1st, 2019. Annika and I initially had set out a goal to try to reach Santan Arizona however when we got down the route a bit we noticed a turn-off and thought, “Why Not?”; so off we went down this new route. Our minimal mile goal for this ride was to do at least 50 miles as that’s Annika’s recent highest miles in a single ride, I’m so proud of her. When we turned onto the new route that we’d never been down we decided that we’d ride it a bit and then turn around at the 25-mile point so we knew that it would be 50 miles by going back the way we came. The plan changed as we continued to ride this beautiful paved trail that rode completely through Gilbert, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Tempe, and a few other cities. Before had gotten to this trail we had already ridden from Scottsdale, through Tempe, and Mesa to get into Gilbert; so this was looking to be a huge circle around the cities. We completed the big circle in the super cold morning that started out at 31 degrees, we even rode our bikes over ice patches in the road.

We did what we had set out to do and that’s going on a bike adventure together, just Annika and I; that’s the whole reason we love to ride. We didn’t ride fast and we had backpacks filled with goodies. Speaking of Backpacks, Annika set up the new GoPro Seeker backpack for me before the bike ride, as my new replacement backpack. Once she geared it up and it held everything nicely, we immediately ordered another one so she had one too; it’ll be our anniversary gift to each other. With the new backpack, it holds a water bladder, up to 5 GoPro cameras, a Karma Drone, a Laptop, and all of the usual stuff I carried in my old pack. Now we hadn’t got by one GoPro so far but several more are on the list and we will be grabbing the new Karma drone very soon.

An update to my madness to ride 25,000 miles, I’ve got an awesome plan set in motion and it works perfectly with Annika’s schedule, it also allows me the time to stream 2 days a week on our Twitch Channel. This new schedule also helps Annika and me to have the time to film the epicness of riding our bikes outside while uploading a few videos a week to show everyone where we’re riding to on our YouTube Channel. The end of February you can expect the first episode of our Series “Exploring Arizona by Bike with MattyAndAnnika” on our YouTube.

Also with this cool schedule, the weekly Podcast will always be released on Thursday, while you can also expect a new article here every morning and a few updates a week via our Patreon.

We’re so excited on how this year is planned out and we can’t wait to post the updates each day now as things are getting to move along quite nicely. Huge thanks to our Patreon Supporters!

Whelp, it’s time to get the new day started, “where will we go today?”. Have an epic adventure today and make every minute of life count. Hugs everyone and thanks for reading.

Final Notes: The day consisted of a long beautiful bike ride on my road bike and Annika on her touring bike. We rode on roads, paved paths, and even done a bit of cyclocross. Check out the latest YouTube Video in the playlist above.


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  1. Nothing nicer than a ride whatever the day. It was a balmy 9C here and I managed a leisurely 50km as I’m slowly working back up to full speed after a bit of a lay off. Happy New Year!

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