January 2nd was an awesome recovery bike ride followed by a ride on Zwift

As of January 2nd, 2019, Annika has ridden 130 miles in the last 3 days and I’ve ridden 150 miles. We started our morning ride a little later than normal due to the temperature outside and we were tired. After we slept in a little bit and had our coffee, we got things ready for our morning bike ride. Upon heading out Annika realized that her ankle was throbbing as she pedaled so we decided to take a smooth recovery ride. The more we rode the more she was in pain as she continued pushing through the ride wanting to go further. We finally cut the ride short so that she can take the next few days to heal her ankle before her next ride on Sunday. Our outside ride this morning was 29is miles, just shy of 30 miles; literally within a few yards however good ole Strava…. You know what I mean.

Tempe Lake | Arizona | Adventure Bike Ride | MattyAndAnnika
Tempe Lake | Arizona | Adventure Bike Ride | MattyAndAnnika

When we got back home Annika bandaged her ankle with an Ace Bandage and started making an awesome breakfast lunch. We had veggie breakfast patties on biscuits with hashbrowns and Mango Nectar Juice; like I said, epic breakfast. After having a nice breakfast for lunch I jumped on my Wahoo Kickr Snap with my road bike and set up for live streaming on our Twitch Channel. When I started the stream, Annika assisted me with chat and voice while I pedaled 21 miles on Zwift to warm my legs up a bit more in preparation for the 150 mile rides January 3rd and 4th (total 300 miles for 2 days). The goal to reach 484 miles a week is within my grasp, to say the least.

After the Zwift ride, it was time to get the new Podcast finished while Annika worked on the new YouTube video for today’s outings. You can check out the latest video from these daily outings in the playlist below.

Now the latest Podcast is live, the new YouTube Video is live, and we’re preparing for our coffee before the 150-mile bike ride on Zwift via our Twitch Channel.

Thanks for keeping up with us and we look forward to sharing what is going on tomorrow and hope to see you in the chat during the stream. Hugs to our awesome Patreon supporters for helping to make all of this come to life.

Have an epic adventure and thanks for reading.

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