Instead of Twitch stream today I’m gonna ride outside

Pushing the miles pretty hard to reach the 484 miles on a bike in this short week of January 2019 only to end up very sore from riding indoors. I started the Twitch stream about an hour early to get a jump start in an attempt to ride 150 miles and sadly it didn’t work out as planned.

Zwift doesn’t work like people think it does, it isn’t exact and a large portion of the time I spend more muscle pedaling twice a fast and twice as hard to get the minimal functions. Every time Zwift sends out an update it takes up to 2 weeks for Wahoo products to work properly, it’s as if Zwift doesn’t care about Wahoo trainers at all. I’ve had to recalibrate my trainer on almost every ride I do and not once has it worked properly right after their updates. At one point I was riding in the up 20 mph range on my bike going uphill and other times I was giving it everything I had to ride downhill. Indoor with Zwift on a Wahoo Kickr Snap if you stop pedaling at all even on downhill your bike avatar bike will stop and park while your real-world bike continues to have a spinning back tire. Given this continuous issue with Zwift and Wahoo products I cannot spend Friday (January 4th, 2019) trying to catch up the massive loss of miles that I missed today due to the issues.

During the stream, I was able to ride my bike 50 miles in one ride and after a quick break from it, I came back to ride another 10 miles which all of it felt like I was pulling a few trucks up a hill. I really wished Zwift would get their software fixed for all trainers and not just Tacx. Since I lost out on 90 miles of riding I need to go riding outside to get some REAL WORLD bike riding versus working 10 times harder to get 100% less the result. I can ride 100-120 miles outside through flat land and climbing and easily do so in under 5 hours. Riding on Zwift flat terrain it takes almost 10 hours to reach 100 miles and the saddle sores are ruthless.

This first week in January doesn’t have but 5 days in it so it’ll be hard to reach 484 miles in that time so we devised a plan and that is to do a little more each week than needed so that we not only catch up but get ahead too. We had planned for me to ride Thursday’s and Friday’s 150 miles indoors on Zwift and now that we have proven these issues with Zwift cannot be avoided, we’ve altered that schedule. I plan to ride 80 miles minimum each day and as for Thursday’s and Friday’s I will simply ride 80 miles per stream versus trying to ride anything longer and end up with injuries.

Now on another note:

The new podcast has been released and is life, we’ve also released the 3rd video for our outside bike riding.

Thanks for keeping up with what we’re doing and huge thanks to our Patreon Supporters, Twitch Subscribers, and the awesome people who have been giving Bits when we’re live on Twitch. Have an epic adventure day!

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7 Thoughts

  1. Do you use a rocker for the trainer when on Zwift? I don’t but I’ve recently seen some people have built themselves and they say it helps with indoor training. Don’t know what you think about them?

      1. oh nice, thanks for sharing that link. i can see some real use in something like that. imma have to check into one. Thanks I love my bike, cant wait to get my Pugsley though.
        Hope you had an epic holiday season, thanks my friend. Have you saw our YouTube videos yet? We’re trying to learn to create better.

      2. Not watched any yet, but I do keep telling myself I need to. I keep seeing them at work where I can’t get on YouTube and I usually forget by the time I get home haha

  2. I hadn’t seen the rocker plates u til now. Years ago there were DIY forward-backward sliding tracks for rollers. It’s interesting that the motion here is only side-side.

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