Instead of riding on Friday we rested our muscles

All of a sudden it feels like the holiday madness has finally stopped, and it feels so nice that we’re slowly falling into our pillows every moment we get the chance. Is it the weather? My legs are just too sore at the moment from the overworking of riding on Zwift pedaling like I was pulling a few trucks behind me. We’ve learned from other cycling injuries that when the body says stop that we need to head that warning so Friday (January 4th, 2019) was that day.

After we started our day, had our coffee and started work; not too much later and I was dozing off in my seat. It had gotten to a point that I just needed to get a little bit of sleep so my dog and I took a few hours nap. I did catch a little bit of a cold from being around family over New Years and I’m taking cough meds and eating cough drops. Between the icky feeling of being sick, the slow down mode of holidays being passed us, and the overworked muscles my body needs to rest a little. Resting a little here and there will not make me miss my miles needed for my goal as no matter what I’ll make them up and get back ahead of things right away. Friday just seemed the perfect day for stopping a bit so that I can jump back on the bike this morning.

Oh, on Friday one of the bloggers we follow on WordPress nominated us for a blogger award which was very cool. Check out the article by clicking here.

In short, Friday was a rest day, and now it’s time to get my legs back to rolling and start catching up. Have an epic day and if you get some time, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel. Also, we joined a site called Mix, follow us here if you are on Mix.

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  1. I was given a saddlebag for my bike for Christmas. Trouble is that to my way of thinking, if it is mounted the way the fittings indicated it is upside-down. I persuaded the fittings to flip with a bit of effort.
    Biking is something that needs a break now and again, unlike swimming which one needs to keep at daily or lose the edge.

      1. A small under-saddle zip-around type. Mine is a very basic mountain bike. I will post a picture of both in due course.

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