A dang cold, grrrr want to ride and too sick to move around

To start with, I ended up with getting a little cold; I had thought that taking some meds could keep it away however I ended up with a stomach bug too. Two days now I’ve missed riding my bike but no matter how I feel in the morning I’m going to go riding even if it is raining outside. Annika and I get to ride together on Sundays and honestly I love riding with her more than with anyone else. She has been working hard on her personal goals for this year while we get through this short week and I’m already at the point of having to do makeup miles since Zwift isn’t functioning properly.

It’s all good, as this next week comes in I will be aiming for more miles than needed and riding a lot more often. I won’t be doing any social rides as it is a severe waste of ride time. Annika and I made our plan for this year and we plan to stay by it and have a blast doing it, and on that note; more GoPro stuff is arriving any day now.

Now real quick I want to make very clear, GoPro has excellent products however their website is complete horsecrap. Their online support is complete crap! We have the Plus plan which means we pay monthly for cloud and discounts with GoPro. We decided to place an order with GoPro and that’s when we found out how messed up their website is. First off we did a 2-day delivery and today is day 6 and it shipped today. When placing the order it auto-completed improper information when connecting payment which is 100% not possible to edit or correct. I undid the order on several tries to get it to put our information in and it wouldn’t do it, we couldn’t figure out where the information that was auto filling from connecting with PayPal was coming from since it wasn’t our info nor had we ever saw it before. This issue truly made us rethink how secure GoPro’s website was and when I had to contact them by phone since no matter that I’m a monthly paying member chat support isn’t available for us. Contacting GoPro by phone is like trying to tell McDonald’s to sell actual food, it was horrible. Now GoPro products such as clips, cameras, etc; top notch 5 out of 5 stars by all means. GoPro website is complete trash and needs some real security and code repairs, 1 out of 5 Star; their website is one of the worst functioning company sites we’ve encountered online. GoPro Quick software, oh my god; it works and it doesn’t; very buggy 3 out of 5 stars. GoPro support, non-existent; not worth the attempt and extremely horrible 1 out of 5 stars.

GoPro Seeker | MattyAndAnnika
GoPro Seeker | MattyAndAnnika

At this point, with GoPro, we love their product but we will more than likely pay the full price than deal with their epic failure of a website to place orders to get the half-price deal; that should tell you how bad their website is.

We ordered another GoPro Seeker backpack, another battery, the 3-way grip arm tripod, and the handlebar poll mount. We will soon be getting the GoPro 7 White and a Karma Drone, but not right away. We’re working towards having enough gear to work on our YouTube videos. Enough about our review on GoPro as a company, their products, and their crappy website.

Riding indoors is looking to be a minimal thing, Zwift is just a failing system when it comes to working properly with Wahoo products. We’ve stepped down the miles for me to ride indoor so that I can focus on outside riding so that I don’t have to do double and triple the work to get less and be in pain for days after. An when it comes to Twitch, as always it is the same, people are only around to promote themselves and that’s it. When we did the charity stream so many asked us to continue streaming on Twitch versus leaving so we did and less than 3 people have been back since then. We will continue to stream our 1 to 2 days a week however as we always state Twitch will never be something we’re serious about.

Riding outside is our #1 happiness, then we love to hike, camp, and snowboard. All of these awesome things will be taking place this year and we plan to film a large portion of it. Now we haven’t gotten to hike in a week or two due to holidays and trying to ride in between work and family time. The holidays are finally over and we’re working toward getting more hiking going very soon.

On January 8th, 2019, it is our 11 year anniversary. 11 years of spending every day of happiness with my amazing wife and we are getting ready to go Snowboarding for a few days at Snow Bowl in Flagstaff. We don’t have the room to take our bikes with us as we haven’t had the time to get a bike rack installed yet. The bike rack we had fit our last car so we sold it since we couldn’t use it. We will take our GoPro with us for this fun time and when we return we will be riding our bikes and hiking while we prepare to go bikepacking through the Arizona Trail with our friend Jason.

One day at a time and we plan to enjoy them all as life continues to be amazing. We will do all we can to reach the goals we set for ourselves and grab life by the horns every day that we take a breath.

It’s that time, and that means get the bikes ready. Hugs and have an epic adventure day, huge thanks to our Patreon supporters.

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