A nice bike ride followed by dinner and a movie

It was an awesome day to ride in the sprinkling rain with Annika to help her to reach her weekly mile goal, we did some loops around the parks from Scottsdale to Phoenix and back. We enjoyed the rolling through the water puddles and as we wondered if the rain would get worse. It was our first time riding in the rain and we got to enjoy it together, however, there wasn’t a lot of rain; just enough to feel it and everything got a little damp.

I’m feeling a little better, I didn’t get much sleep as something with this sickness/cold seems to be making my body not work the way it should. Minimal sleep has made me almost mindless while I still smile through the day enjoying the quality time with my awesome wife Annika and our dog. Our dog is doing a lot better as we’re still taking things day by day while her Vet keeps working on the next steps in the plan. Life is life and every day is an adventure and we enjoy every moment of it together.

Speaking of adventures, after our bike ride we headed out to visit our favorite REI to look over some possible gear to grab for bikepacking and snowboarding. During our visit, we picked up a few goodies as we debated which tent would be best for us while merging back and forth from the bike bag area, to the tents, and back to the bike clothing areas. We’re 100% obsessed with bikes, so much that since I couldn’t sleep much the night before I watched about 25 YouTube videos on Surly Pugsley’s.

After our visit to REI, we decided that we should go pick up some smell good things at Bath & Body Works on our way to Road House Theater to see the movie Aquaman.

To be honest, right off the bat, the movie wasn’t all that hot. Yes, it was a good story but the fact is they spent so much time trying to say “here is a good spot”, okay “here is another good spot”; bouncing around to display eye candy followed by any quick one-liners and music clips to hold the attention of the viewer. The movie did have some good graphics, and the eye candy they were showing was pretty good however they dropped the ball in ever scene switch while you could see it straight off that they were doing all they could to overkill in hopes for a good movie. The real honest feedback is the movie was Okay. My wife and I enjoyed our meal while we watched the movie while relaxing til it ended, it could’ve been a bunch of car company commercials for all we cared as the relaxation was epic.

Aquaman | Road House Theater | MattyAndAnnika
Aquaman | Road House Theater | MattyAndAnnika

When we were leaving the theater we noticed a Century Plant, these plants are so beautiful to me so I thought I’d show a video of what it looked like.

After the movie, it was time to head back home to spend time with our dog as we got the newest YouTube video added to our Playlist in which you can play below. It’s #4 on the playlist.

The Monday gameplan, we plan to ride our bikes at least 50 miles outside and when we return I’ll ride indoors to reach my total daily miles of 80 miles per day this week. If we have some time afterward we may head out for some hiking, right now it depends on our schedule.

Time to get the day rolling, huge hugs and thanks to our Patreon Supporters and thanks to you for reading. Have an epic adventure day!

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