What a beautiful day for Adventure bike riding and a bit of Zwifting afterward

The day after any rain taking place where we live tends to flood most of the bike routes. In some areas during our adventure cycling ride it was flooded which made us change the route, however, we didn’t really care as long as we were riding our bikes. We had a nice ride as we adventured into North Scottsdale in hopes to find some more of the Maricopa trail which would take us into the city of Carefree. We followed the area that we discovered today until it just dead-ended in the front of business after 16 miles in. Either way, we had an adventure so we enjoyed the route back as we giggled and talked about more riding and when we would be able to get some hiking into this crazy ride schedule.

We decided that while we work towards our riding miles and managing the time it takes to do our daily goals that we will aim for Sundays as a shorter bike ride so that we have time to do some hiking. We did manage to get a new video added to our YouTube channel in which you can see in the playlist below as it is #5.

After our adventure ride, we went to pick up Annika’s anniversary gift from our mailbox and to find out that the package that we ordered from GoPro that had a 2-day delivery still hasn’t arrived coming into 8 days later. We will not ever order anything from GoPro ever again. Also, Annika’s GoPro Seeker backpack that was to arrive today didn’t and will be here sometime tomorrow, what a day with ordering from people other than the awesome Amazon. The key point, if we can’t order it from Amazon or get it through Dave at Bike Barn, we don’t need it.

So we didn’t get to ride 50 miles outside as planned as Annika’s ankle is still healing so we’re playing it all by ear and making up the miles everywhere we can. Annika and I nailed 32+ miles on our outdoor bike ride and it was epic. When we made it back home and completed our errands, Annika started working on the new YouTube Video while she routed me on to do some killer climbing on Zwift while I pedaled another 25+ miles climbing hills as steep as 18%. An epic journey that we took together today and we couldn’t wait to share it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed another day of our lives on a bike and we will post again tomorrow. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for being a part of our adventures.

Oh, one last thing. We picked up a copy of Men’s Journal which is a physical men’s magazine. The only reason we bought one is Lael Wilcox along with several other AWESOME females made it into a 14-page layout talking about the Worlds most Adventurous Women; “now that is EPIC!” grats to them all.


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