We spent our 11 year Anniversary climbing with our road bikes

Annika and I had an amazing bike ride as we went for some climbing up through Thompson’s Peak. We took all the time we wanted and enjoyed our 11 year anniversary on our bikes riding around exploring Arizona.

Our GoPro order arrived | MattyAndAnnika
Our GoPro order arrived | MattyAndAnnika

During our bike ride, we were trying to explore other areas of the Maricopa Trail which is 315 miles of trails to ride. While we were aiming to take the trail to Carefree Arizona we couldn’t find the connection on Frank Lloyd Wright so we continued to ride into the McDowell Mountain Ranch area as we found a trail called the Javelina Trail. When we were riding on the Javelina Trail we started to realize that the climb was beginning. Huge hill climbs and when we weren’t climbing the huge hills we were still going uphill most of the way. We finally made it to the top of the trail as we come to a sign that warns us not to ride our bikes in the area due to extreme climbs and descents. You can see the sign and the fun in our latest YouTube Video in the playlist below, the video is #6.

Speaking of YouTube, this morning I received a copyright notice on a song that is part of the GoPro Quick library for FREE Use, it is quite interesting the number of headaches so far from using GoPro stuff and with YouTube lately as they’re continuing to drop the ball. I replied to the copyright notice showing the information from GoPro showing YouTube to be idiots and GoPro to be once again slack on the job given that their websites library links are filled with code errors and security flaws.

GoPro (the cameras) are awesome, everything else about GoPro including service, support, their shop, their software (Quick), and their crappy website is extremely horrible. On the note of GoPro, our package finally arrived and still to date (even after speaking with GoPro on the phone) we never received a tracking number. After unpackaging everything we found out that the Bike Handlebar Mount (large) doesn’t fit any of our 4 bikes. The mount will not fit onto any of the seatposts nor will it fit any of the handlebars. So we took the new Handlebar Mount and through in a pile of things we wasted money on that aren’t worth buying. Our 3-way GoPro stick and stand arrived which is really cool and our new rechargeable battery made it too. Outside of purchases from GoPro themselves Annika had ordered another GoPro Seeker backpack which arrived today, so now we both have one.

Our GoPro Gear is growing | MattyAndAnnika
Our GoPro Gear is growing | MattyAndAnnika

Ao after everything has arrived, all errands have been run and we’ve had an epic bike ride; time to kick back to some fresh fruits and chill to a good movie for our Anniversary. Yes, today is Annika and I’s 11 year Anniversary and my lucky butt has enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to several lifetimes with her.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our adventure today which I meant to mention ended with an awesome slice of Pizza at Oreganos. We love that place after a lot of riding our bikes. Have an epic adventure and thanks for the awesome support.

Thompson's Peak area | MattyAndAnnika
Thompson’s Peak area | MattyAndAnnika


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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary and nothing nicer than spending a special day out on the bike.

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