The day went well and the new Podcast is live

The morning started with a goal to ride my bike on Zwift for 120 miles while I streamed it on our Twitch Channel, sad to say Twitch started failing again as their servers are crap. I ended up riding a 40-mile ride while streaming it and was gonna take a breather for an hour then do another for and then rinse and repeat until I hit 120 for the day. When I started to hop on my bike for the second 40-mile ride I found out that due to construction in another condo that the water would be off for most of the day which in turn ruined the chance of more indoor riding until that was resolved.

The upside of the day is that I did get to ride 40 miles on Zwift and when my wife had a bit of time we took off for a short afternoon ride before dinner. The new Podcast got done earlier than expected so it got released before my Zwift ride started. Several of our awesome supporters chilled in Twitch with me for a bit and no matter the issue with the water and not able to get the miles that I’d aimed for, the day was still awesome.

Dinner and a movie and do the sleep thing, that’s the plan that took over the rest of the day while Annika and I debated a few other things. The plan today is to do some more Zwift riding to see how many miles that I can get done and stream it on our Twitch channel again in hopes that Twitch will stop being a crappy company and actually work properly. I’ve got a lot on my mind today so I’m gonna get the day started, huge thanks to our Patreon supporters and hugs to you for taking the time to read our articles.

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