We can’t waste another year on Twitch

Before I start this post I want to point out something very clear, we’ve been on Twitch for almost 5 years; we’re not new and think the current problems will go away. Twitch has never been a serious platform to us as it has never seemed to get out of a weak beta when it comes to stability and support is Obsolete. It’s taken as long as 2 years for replies from Twitch Support and 100% of the time the response has nothing to do with the question. Reaching out to Twitch and expecting anything honest or realistic is like waiting for a frog to turn into a prince, it ain’t gonna happen. All the talk of earning money with Twitch is a joke too, especially when you’re an affiliate.

One of the biggest issues on Twitch is being able to have a realistic schedule where your viewers can count on a clear good stream. Several times a week no matter what state or country that you’re in, you’ll start getting dropped frames while Twitch insists they aren’t having issues and the internet has every solution that is nothing but BS. Our internet speed is stronger than 97% of the United States, we have on average of 320 Mbps download by 32 Mbps upload, and our computers are not Wal-Mart crap. We’ve even gone as far as paying for VPN’s which we found out are a joke too. Twitch Servers are unreliable and for the most part of every week, they’re experiencing troubles or outages which makes it impossible to have a perfect stream on every schedules stream time. Streamers spend the better part of their stream apologizing for Twitch drop frames etc and I say it’s time to stop apologizing for that crappy service.

So many streaming services and not one has a top end platform, all of them are trying to recreate a broken wheel to compete with each other versus making a working wheel, I say “what a bunch of idiots”. Over 30 million people have left Twitch in the last year, over half of the users are bot accounts or fake account or abandoned accounts. Everyone has started running to the next big shiny thing, I say “what a bunch of idiots”, as they run right to Mixer. Mixer is formally Beam which ripped off a lot of streamers, and before that, they had another name where they ripped off a lot of streamers; this cycle continued until Microsoft picked them up. Microsoft is known for ripping off everyone to get to the top, well I guess the sheep want to help carry the trash.

We’re done wasting time on Twitch, that company will never change. The largest portion of the community is the most toxic community on the net, let alone Twitch has no concerns for their users; everyone is simply data to sell.

To our supporters, we love ya and know you’d understand why we won’t waste any more time on Twitch. I will still Zwift here and there however as usual outside is where life begins. Besides being a Streamer is basically telling everyone to stay in front of their computers, we’ve never wanted people to do that. OptOutside!

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